Want to avoid breast sweat and it’s complications?

It sounds like the title for an embarrassing article, but breast sweat and its accompanying issues are a serious problem. Hopefully I can better help you understand the issue and its root causes, and how to prevent it from happening in the future. And in the meantime, I’ll give you some sweet home remedy tips to help you out!

Boob sweat happens to everyone

It’s a common problem, don’t worry! You’re not alone in this sweaty struggle. It’s springtime, and soon it will be summer. Daytime temps are heating up, and your girls are sure to be the first to notice.Undoubtedly, there will be countless women (men, too) in your general vicinity experiencing the same symptoms and repercussions as you! The aftermath of breast perspiration can vary greatly, especially if left unattended.

Why does my body sweat?

The sweat is your body’s way with dealing with heat or stress. Perspiration! Unfortunately, this can be a huge pain to us. By sweating, our bodies help us thermo regulate our internal body temperature. Sweat cools our skin temperature by “evaporative cooling”. This is hugely effective in bringing down our temp because your blood vessels widen up, and expose as much of their surface area as possible to the skin. This way, heat is whisked away when the sweat evaporates and leaves you feeling relieved!

When you develop a rash or skin irritation, it is called dermatitis which literally means skin inflammation. The exact reason for the skin inflammation becomes a little more cryptic and difficult to nail down. Hopefully by going over the common symptoms and causing agents of dermatitis, we can figure out how to help your boobs!

Symptoms and what they turn into

You know the feeling of a bead of sweat rolling down between your breasts? Yeah, I sure do! That’s the first causative symptom of chafing and irritated skin under your breasts. The next step in what makes it worse (very quickly) is a bra that doesn’t fit properly. And to step it up a little more, if the wrong conditions are present in your bra, you could face a skin infection! Let’s take a closer look at our causative culprits…

The culprits of skin complications

  1. Moisture is the first step in developing an issue (usually). If there is moisture, and skin is in contact with itself, it can cause a myriad of problems if left to fester. Even if skin is just tacky with sweat it can be an issue. Humidity in your bra and top, and sweat or clothing wet from water can be troublesome. This can lead to skin irritation from our next enemies on the list, and can be extremely painful in combination with #4.
  2. Intertrigo sounds like such a gross thing to have on your body. It’s just the fancy name of the rash that shows up when skin is in contact with skin too much. In all truth, fungus is everywhere. When fungus begins to grow out of control and is unchecked, it’s a problem! Fungus loves to grow in environments where humidity is high in dark and warm places. Now if this sounds like your bra, we need to address this issue! Regular gentle washing of your bra can help make sure fungus doesn’t call your undergarments home. Tinea fungus (athlete’s foot and ringworm) is common, Candidiasis (common yeast infection) among may others.
  3. Bacteria are present at all times and all over the surface of your skin. Most people would be amazed at what you would find if you took a swab of your skin and let it grow! Staphylococcus is more abundant than you want to imagine. Now mix this with irritated and inflamed skin… Very bad concoction. Our immune systems can handle a lot, but our skin is our most valuable first line of defense. If you have a rash or are bleeding (skin is broken open) that’s a heavenly gateway for any kind of pathogen that wants to infect your body! Keeping things dry and clean is the best way to make sure bacteria don’t wreak havoc on your body.
  4. Poor fitting bras are really the worst culprit on this list. The reason I say this is because they can surely make both #2 and #3 an issue. A bra that fits poorly will likely chafe against damp and sweaty skin. Over the period of a day, it is probable the skin has been rubbed raw, and anything growing on your skin can meander on into your skin (VERY BAD!). Making sure your bra fits securely is one of the first things you should do before even trying the remedies I’ll recommend. There’s no point in patching yourself back up if you’re not going to eradicate the problem at the start!

Home remedies for underboob rashes

Depending on the ailment, here is a fantastic list to help soothe the skin, lessen the sweat, and help you out! Rashes, soreness, sweat, etc. Hopefully you can find relief from some of the following!

For under boob rashes:

  • Coconut oil has both anti fungal and anti bacterial properties! Not only that, but it will lubricate your skin and hopefully lessen any rubbing across the area.
  • Tea tree oil has natural anti fungal properties, and smells great. I wouldn’t recommend use on areas with open cuts, though.
  • Aloe vera is great for helping to soothe itching and burning sensations. It’s not just for sunburns!
  • Calamine lotion is wonderful for relieving itching and burning, as well as keeping the area moisturized but dry enough to prevent infection.
  • Cold compresses are the cure for swelling and lessening the appearance of rashes. The cold will help close pores and reduce inflammation of an afflicted area.
  • Cotton will help keep an area dry and can be your best friend. If you are sweating profusely or are actually wet, moisture wicking fabrics are good for evaporation and drying out clothing.
  • Cornstarch is another good remedy for itching and burning rashes. It also keeps skin dry. If your rash is due to a fungus, or you think there could be fungal growth, use talc powder instead! Cornstarch could make a fungal infection worse.

Remedies you can purchase

Here are a few remedies that you can find at most retailers. These will help in treatment of rashes, as well as help prevent rashes from forming.

  • Spray deodorants and antiperspirants, such as ones offered by Dove. They are great because they smell nice, stop sweat smell, and can reduce sweating. Yes, deordorants for specifically boobs exists.
  • Feminine powders are fantastic products. They typically have a moisturizer component as well as a drying agent to keep you fresh! If you find you have extremely sensitive skin, go with one that is fragrance free. Lush has a really good product that is scented, but it smells amazing! Baby powder works well, too!
  • Bra liners or panty liners are an option for soaking up an excess of sweat.
  • Recently, I’ve spotted a product at REI that is for cyclists and hikers called Bodyglide. It is a product you apply in places that will see lots of sweat and or friction.

Your health is important

If at any point you develop a rash or a severe allergic infection, don’t hesitate to see a dermatologist! Infections can be serious, and ignoring them can escalate an initially minor situation. Not only can you do yourself harm by ignoring an infection or serious rash, but they can fester and develop into dark scars under or around your breasts.

Skin tags – another reason to keep dry

Skin tags, or acrochordons are those little extended mole-like fleshy bits that people sometimes get around their breasts, torso, and neck. These often come about when skin is coming into contact with skin too often, and after reoccurring rashes. Some people are more prone to acrochordons more than others, it depends on breast size, body weight, and genetics in general. Either way, here are a few ways to make sure you don’t develop these little guys.

Ventilate the trouble area with fresh air

Keeping air flowing and moving around where humidity would otherwise build up is good for preventing microbe growth. This solution can be made possible with some of the following tips, such as wearing loose fitting clothing whenever possible. This way, your body can sweat if it needs to, but that sweat moisture can evaporate and escape. Leaving you cool and dry instead of damp and smothered feeling.

Wear bras that fit you properly

Making absolutely sure you are wearing a bra that fits you correctly is of utmost importance. I know I sound like a broken record here, but I can’t say it enough. Not only will wearing a bra prevent discomfort like rashes, infection from bacteria and fungus, but it will literally save your neck and back. Support is key – make sure your bra is doing its job.

Bathe regularly and thoroughly

Yes, I know this sounds really silly; some stranger on the internet telling you to take a bath. But seriously, bathing is about more than just rinsing off. I use a moisturizing body wash, and an exfoliating pad. You can buy them just about anywhere and they’re super cheap. They are very abrasive, but work very well. By removing dead skin, much and debris from you body, you’re doing yourself a huge favor. Smells, microbes, and dead cells can’t accumulate this way.

Loose clothing

If possible, wear loose fitting clothing. I’m not talking about dressing dumpy or wearing nothing but baggy dad shirts all the time… Wear a tunic, or a dress that doesn’t smother you in layers of fabric. This loose clothing will allow for more ventilation, and is more likely to allow for the garment to remain dry.

Dry clothing

Avoid wearing wet clothing for extended periods of time whenever possible. If you’ve hit the gym and are soaked with sweat, try to get that off as soon as humanly possible. Many gyms have showers and dressing rooms for you to rinse and change into an extra pair of fresh clothing. Even if you’re planning on going straight home – shower at the gym anyway, if this option is available to you. You’ll thank me later, I promise. Wet clothing traps moisture (obviously), and is more likely to rub and chafe against your skin.

Clean bra

Always wear a clean bra. Gently wash you bras after every few wears or so, especially if you had a long and sweaty day in one. Bras accumulate dead skin cells, salts and oils from sweat, and are prime breeding real estate for fungus and bacteria when they’re a warm and humid environment. Gross! So clean your bras regularly, and give your body the best fighting chance against microbes looking to set up camp.

Go Braless

I understand that this is much easier for some people than others. Whether it’s your comfort level, the environment you work in, the size of your breasts, etc. I totally understand why this may be taboo. Regardless, I have to admit it is another convenient way to avoid rubbing and rashes. Though skin tags can be caused by skin on skin contact, you can also look into an unpadded bra. This way, you have a little protection without the stifling bra padding getting in the way.

You’ve got the knowledge it takes, now find your best solution. The most important things to keep in mind are keeping your bras and skin as clean as possible, and making sure your bra fits. Lastly, always understand that going in to see a dermatologist is okay! They’re here to help and are wonderful sources of information. Your health is most important.

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