When breasts are bulging, spilling, and peeking around the confines of your bra, it may be time to take a second look at the size you’re wearing. Studies have shown that 95% of women or more wear the wrong bra size. This incorrect sizing leads to back pain, rashes, scarring,  breast tissue damage, embarrassing fashion situations, and body hate. That isn’t all, either.

“Quadraboob” or over the cup top spillage is an all too common fashion phenomenon that happens with many of us large breasted women. Lucky for us, it can be easily solved by adjusting the style, shape, and size of the bras you wear. This doesn’t mean that you’ll be banished from the adorable bra world, or that you’re only permitted to wear granny bras. Take a look, here’s a few helpful tips and general trouble shooting.

Possible Problems

Here are a few super common problems that could be giving you trouble with your bra fit:

  1. Cup size is too small
  2. Style of bra isn’t suitable for your breast type
  3. Underwire shape isn’t compatible with your breast shape
  4. You may need a better supporting bra
  5. The center panel of the bra is too high or too low

To extrapolate a little on these points, if your cup is too small you’ll notice breast tissue peeking out over the top and sides of the cups. If your breasts have become soft due to breastfeeding, or just with time, styles such as the balconette may no longer be your ideal style. Underwire shape varies drastically between styles and brands, try on many different variations to identify your ideal fit. Try a T-shirt bra or a full-coverage bra if your issue is support. T-shirt bras will typically have more central straps, and can offer better support to the heaviest part of your bust. Lastly, if the center panel of the bra is too low or too high, your breasts may be forced into an unflattering shape or height.

Get Professionally Fitted

Getting yourself professionally fitted for a bra will save you tons of trouble. Ask around, and look for professionals with good reputations, and go to a few of them. Victoria’s Secret fitters don’t count. They’ll measure you over the top of your jacket and whatever you’re wearing. And more likely than not, they’ll try to wedge you into a product they sell that doesn’t actually fit or flatter your body.

Understand Sizing

Bra sizing can be a little tricky. The cup size and band size mean nothing without each other, and bra sizes are on a sliding scale of proportion. A cup size example that many find interesting: A 36B and a 34 C are exactly the same cup size. Weird, right? One of those bras is a B cup, and the other is a C cup, but the band size makes the two cup sizes identical. They’re what we call “sister sizes”. And they’re a good thing to be aware of in case you can’t find your one size that fits you in a department store.

Go Up a Cup

Once you have a good idea of how the sizing scale of bra fitting works, and you’ve been professionally sized, you’re ready to solve your bra woes forever! If you’re reading this article, then you’ve maybe faced the dreaded quadraboob before… Hear me when I say, go up a cup size! Women with larger breasts have been more commonly fitted for too small, and more dramatically bad fitting bras. Not only can this look bad with spillage, but incorrectly fitted bras can cause permanent health problems long term!

Small Bras Damage Your Body

Wearing a bra too tiny for your chest can cause horrendous long term damage to your body. One common infliction is permanent breast tissue damage and deterioration. This might not sound serious, but you won’t think it’s funny when I say that means drooping breasts! The premature breakdown of the supportive tissue of your breasts is something that can easily happen with an ill fitting bra.

Another major problem is damage to the spine. Your breasts are a heavy burden to bear, and your back and neck are very aware of this. The better positioned your breasts are on your body, and the more supported they are, the less harm you’re doing to your back and spine. A bra that does not fit correctly can give way to issues such as scoliosis and other spine malformations, and shoulder drooping.

Any poking or rubbing at the band and underwire can cause dermatitis and rashes. This skin inflammation can yield to infection, scabbing, and unsightly scarring and hyper-pigmentation of the skin. Ever heard of a yeast infection? Most women are familiar with that struggle. Well, the bad news is: they’re not only likely to happen in your other feminine regions, they can happen around the breasts, too. Wearing a bra that is too small could create a breeding ground environment for these little organisms.

Variation in Style

Depending on how a bra is intended to fit, your size might vary dramatically. During pregnancy, with age, or during menstruation, your bra size can change. Yes, this is all extremely problematic. My solution: have a few different styles and sizes at your disposal. Your balconette style bra may be smaller than your favorite T-shirt bra. In Warcol brand versus Spanx brand, you may be a size or two apart! That’s okay! As long as the three following criteria are met:

  1. The band should be firm and snug around your body, but comfortable to wear. Standing side-on at a mirror, the band should be horizontal and should not be creeping or pulling up your back.
  2. There should be absolutely no poking, rubbing, or digging anywhere. The underwire at the front should lie flat against your rib cage. If they stick up or out funny, they’re the wrong shape for your body and breasts.
  3. Each cup should completely encompass each breast. There should be a smooth line where the breast and the top of the cup meet. Even if you are wearing a low cut style or balconette, there should be no ridge or spillage over the top of the cup.

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