I’m sure nearly all of you ladies have seen this “Instagram Magic Bra” on either Instagram or Facebook by now. This popular product is all over the place! I’m usually a skeptic when a product has a lot of hype or when celebrities claim something is a miracle product, so naturally I had to dig deep for information to tell you all if it’s a product of value or not!

The “Instagram Magic Bra” is backless, strapless, adjustable, and adhesive. It’s supposed to be 100% concealed under your backless and strapless spring and summer clothes and manufacturers claim the product lifts your breasts to give you maximum cleavage.

Amber Rose in particular is one of the celebrities who has taken to Instagram to advertise this bra. She showed herself wearing the Sneaky Vaunt brand, which sells for $49. Many women were skeptical to believe that Amber Rose supports the Sneaky Vaunt bra, because only recently did they start offering DD as a size and Amber claims she wears an H cup.

There is a brand called The Perfect Sculpt who also sells their version of the bra (for $49.99), and they offer sizes A through F. It’s an immediate red flag to me that Amber Rose chose to advertise a bra that only goes up to a DD when there is a company who offers larger cups, so I’m even more skeptical to trust the hype than I was to being with. I personally feel like a woman with breasts that large and with that much money could shell out an extra $9.99 for a better fitting bra if it actually worked, but, maybe somehow the DD cup actually did work for her.

Enough about my skepticism, let’s discuss what women are actually saying about the product:

Sneaky Vaunt

Again, the Sneaky Vaunt bra comes in sizes A through DD. It is available in nude and black.

Women are advised to wash the bra with warm soap and water and to let it air dry. The bra cannot be bleached or ironed.

The bra features two padded cups that are joined by drawstring in the middle. The insides of the cups have adhesive glue and there are two circles with no adhesive near the middle of the cups to keep your nipples from getting caught.

To apply the bra, simple peel the film off of each cup; lay the cups on your breasts one by one. When the cups are stuck to your breasts, gently massage yourself to make sure they are glued on well. Once the cups feel secure, pull the drawstring up to push your breasts together for maximum cleavage and uplift. Also make sure the drawstring is loosened all the way before putting the bra on.

What women like about the Sneaky Vaunt bra

The Packaging

Out of every review I have observed, the number one praise about the Sneaky Vaunt bra is towards the packaging. Women love the fact that this bra comes with its own carrying case, complete with a zipper and a strap to carry it by.

The case makes life convenient because it protects the bra and makes it easier to keep it from getting dirty on the adhesive side. It is advised that you keep the films that cover the insides of the cups to put back on after each use to preserve the stickiness for up to 40 wears.


Many women also claimed that while the bra does not support or lift their breasts at all, it does give them the sexiest cleavage they have ever had. The bra does seem to make your breasts appear more full and round, which is desired by many women.

What women do not like about the Sneaky Vaunt bra

It does not support the weight of large breasts

I’ll start by saying one woman who wrote this blog about the Instagram bra claims her breasts are smaller than Amber Rose’s breasts and the bra absolutely does not fit her. She feels that her breasts are too heavy for the adhesive bra and that she gets absolutely no support or uplift of any kind from this product.

As I’ve said before, there’s a good chance that many women do not know their correct bra size. It’s possible that she is wearing an ill-fitting bra due to a bra fitter giving her the wrong size or due to her body changing without her realizing it. If you feel like this is the case with you, I strongly suggest you read my article about fitting yourself at home before you purchase an adhesive bra. 

The bra does not give you an uplift despite being advertised to do so

Another complaint I have mentioned briefly is that many women claim the Sneaky Vaunt bra does not lift their breasts in the slightest bit. Many of these women did not have high hopes for this bra in terms of providing an uplift, but because it’s advertised as a push up bra, a lot of those women did have a small shred of hope that it would lift their breasts anyway.

One woman was overwhelmed with the advertisement this product was receiving on her news feed, so she decided to purchase the bra and try it out on camera. When she realized how little the bra lifts your breasts, she asked Instagram users to “please stop” advertising a product that does not work.

The product is not of value to women with small breasts

Something that comes as a shock to me is the number of women claiming this bra is not for women who have small breasts. While many bras seem to cater to women with small breasts, I was surprised to hear that this bra is not the same. In many women in an A and a B cup, the Sneaky Vaunt bra failed to push the breasts far enough for them to actually touch. Many women in those sizes still had a gap between their breasts, which was very disappointing. Almost all of these women recommended that only women with larger breasts purchase the product.

It also might not work for women with non-symmetrical or saggy breasts

Even though women with small breasts said this bra would be better suited for someone with large breasts, it’s not necessarily suited for ALL women with large breasts.

The majority of busty women who tried the product claimed that because their breasts are either non-symmetrical or saggy, it was not a very good fit for them. These women said the bra would work better for a busty woman who either has naturally perky breasts or a woman who’s had a breast augmentation.

Numerous women who have had babies and breastfed claim the bra is just not an option for them because their breasts hang lower than they used to and the bra does not provide the uplift it’s supposed to.

The bra loses its stickiness much faster than it’s supposed to

This one is debatable. Many women claimed the bra maintained its stickiness well, but numerous other women said it lost all stickiness in as little as three wears. If you do purchase this bra, it is vital that you keep the cups covered when not in use. In case you lose the films that come with the bra, saran wrap will work just fine as a replacement.

Not everyone’s nipples are in line with the nipple circles in the cups

This was mainly an issue with busty women. There are two small circles in the center of each cup. These circles do not have adhesive glue, so ideally this is where you want your nipples to sit.

However, the maker of this product did not take into consideration that some nipples sit in the middle of the breasts, some are further down, some nipples are higher up than others, and some are closer to the outer sides of the breasts.

Many women who had this problem tried to place the cups to accommodate where their nipples are, but then the cups ended up being either too high or too low on their breasts and those women were not able to achieve the amount of cleavage they were hoping for as a result.

Some women placed the cups on the center of their breasts and suffered through their nipples sticking to the adhesive. Many women regretted that decision later because it feels like “peeling a bandaid off” of your breasts and caused more discomfort to their nipples than what they bargained for.

Sweating is not an option if you want the bra to stay on

Many women claimed that after sweating for as little as five minutes, the adhesive was completely coming off of their breasts. This is especially a problem for busty women, because it’s a given that many of us are going to have boob sweat.

If you are concerned you might sweat too much, check out my guide on preventing boob sweat. 

The Perfect Sculpt

The Perfect Sculpt Bra is basically Sneaky Vaunt’s competitor.

It is basically the same product, but it’s available in sizes A through F rather than A through DD with Sneaky Vaunt. The two are similar in price, with The Perfect Sculpt Bra selling for $49.99. This product is available in black and beige.

Unlike Sneaky Vaunt, The Perfect Sculpt does not include washing instructions, however I assume they are the exact same – hand wash with warm water and soap; let air dry.

You apply the bra the same way as the other.

What women like about The Perfect Sculpt Bra

It’s available to a wider range of busty women

Despite the Sneaky Vaunt bra being advertised by celebrities, a lot of reviewers liked this bra better. Although the range is not significantly bigger, it does offer more as far as sizes go, which is admired among many women.

There’s more space for your nipples

This was much preferred to the Sneaky Vaunt bra since so many women had an issue with nipple placement. Because of the larger space arranged for your nipples, less women suffered chafed nipples are a result of adhesive glue sticking where it shouldn’t.

The bra is easy to conceal under strapless, backless, and see through clothing

What I said is pretty self explanatory, but for the women who are perky enough to wear this bra, they were very excited about being able to wear whatever blouses or dresses they want.

What women do not like about The Perfect Sculpt Bra

The cups are too small

This, too, is a debatable complaint. Apparently many women were advised to order one cup size smaller than normal to give their breasts the ultimate cleavage, but even some women who ordered their usual size said the cups were too little.

This was primarily a complaint among busty women. For example, YouTuber Victoria Lashay ordered the bra in her usual size, an F. Despite her purchasing an F, the cups were about half the size of her normal bra cups and she claimed there was no way possible something with cups that tiny could hold her breasts together, much less push them up.

Women with smaller breasts, however, did not appear to have this same problem.

For more than one woman, The Perfect Sculpt Bra lost its stickiness way too fast

I noticed this complaint on this bra and the Sneaky Vaunt. One woman in particular claimed that she put the bra on immediately after opening it. She did not like the placement of the cups, so she took it off and immediately reapplied it. This woman said after taking the bra off one time, it immediately “lost 80% of its stickiness” and said she could not recommend the product to another woman since it is said to last over 50 wears.

Moving on to Yoins

The Yoins bra is an alternative that many women prefer to the other two bras I’ve mentioned today. This bra is only $12 versus $40 to $50 and it comes in camel and black.

The company recommends that you hand wash this product as well as the others.

One thing that disappointed me about this bra right off the bat is that it is only available in sizes extra small through medium, and according to their size chart a medium fits sizes 8 through 10. The majority of women with a large bust are going to require something larger than a medium.

What women like about the Yoins bra

The price

Despite me being upset about the sizes offered for this product, I do not recall coming across a bad review for this bra. It is certainly preferred over the Sneaky Vaunt bra and The Perfect Sculpt, too, especially when you take into account the value you get from what you are purchasing.

Every review I watched or read on the Yoins bra mentioned that they would never, ever purchase one of those other adhesive bras for $40+ when this one is available for $12.

The cleavage

This bra appeared to give sexier cleavage that the other two, and many women’s breasts appeared much perkier and more firm than those who went with a different brand. One reviewer said this bra pushed her breasts together enough that she no longer had the side boob near her underarms like she usually does.

What women do not like about the Yoins bra

It’s not suited for tight clothing

This was not a complaint that many women made, but it is certainly something to take into consideration.YouTuber MISSPERU wore a tight blouse over her bra. Even though the bra was concealed well, she mentioned the tops of the cups showing their outline through her blouse, and this was something I noticed simply from the video.

Again, this is the only complaint like this that I came across. MISSPERU said she loved the product and was extremely satisfied, but that she would not recommend wearing it under tight clothes.

Similar to the other bras, many women claimed it would be best for women with naturally perky or fake breasts

Because there are no straps, no band, and no underwire, these bras simply do not support or lift most breasts despite being advertised to do so. Even though this is everyone’s favorite of the three bras, we still can’t deny the facts.

The majority of women suggested you do not purchase this bra unless your breasts are extremely perky or unless you have implants making you look round and uplifted.

It can be hard to take off

That’s almost a given with this kind of bra, but it’s still painful for women with extremely sensitive breasts if they take it off too soon. The longer you wear the bra, the easier it will be to take off.

It’s not recommended for clubbing, going to the beach, etc.

This one is also kind of a given. A lot of women said they felt more secure in this bra than in the others, but they still do not recommend you exercise or dance in it because it will not stay on – especially if you sweat. It’s best for occasions that do not require fast or repetitive movement.

In Summary

Clearly out of the three bras, the Yoins bra received the most praise. However, each of these bras have their drawbacks, many of them being very similar.

Even the Yoins bra was said to not support or lift your breasts. I’m afraid this is another product that has been overly advertised by people with a lot of money in order to convince you to purchase something that does not live up to its expectations.

What’s shocking to me is that the brand celebrities are advertising is not even the one that women care for! That’s absurd to me.

When you take price into consideration and compare that to what women are saying about each bra, I cannot recommend the Sneaky Vaunt or The Perfect Sculpt bras to anyone. With that being said, even the Yoins was said to be best for women who’ve either had a breast augmentation or are VERY perky on their own- which, let’s be honest, that’s not the case for a lot of us.

Jasmine Ortiz with BET’s blog said “Everything looks better on Instagram,” and I have to agree.

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