Breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty is the process of removing excess fat around the chest to reduce the discomfort of overly large breasts. As the national average breast size increases, more and more women, especially teenagers, are going under the knife to downsize their chests, like Ariel Winter of Modern Family fame.

But as we all know, plastic surgeries are riddled with horror stories (scars, complications with breast-feeding, reduced mobility for months) as well as exorbitant costs (the average cost was $5,521 in 2014), so is there no other permanent solution for breast reduction?

Rest assured, there is, albeit an obscure one. A product known as breast reduction pills. These pills claim to be “herbal,” “side-effect and risk free” and are available to buyers through direct-channels (they are sold over the manufacturers’ websites). But why are these pills not flooding our drug stores and being recommended by doctors? What are they and do they even work?

Why Reduction?

There is no question that macromastia, the excessive size of breasts, leads to physical discomfort such as back and neck pain, poor posture and problems with the spinal cord. Women with larger breasts also tend to be overweight and are prone to more complications such as heart disease and diabetes.

In addition, disproportionate breasts also tamper with our self-confidence giving rise to body image issues, mostly amongst adolescent girls. Women, who are scrutinized throughout their lives because of their larger breasts, go on to lack self-confidence as young adults, resenting the many biases held against them. They are told that they do not conform by the lingerie and fashion industries.

When asked what the primary reason was for getting breast reduction surgery, young women answered that they just wanted to fit into things better. Due to the dearth of existing supportive products for large chested women, it is only natural for them to choose a permanent fix to their problems in the form of breast reduction procedures.

What is Breast Reduction and How do the Pills Work?

The breast tissue contains of fat formulated around the chest area and they continue to form and grow till a woman is 20-21 years of age. These pills supposedly target and then reduce the “fatty cells” which is like the first part of the breast-reduction surgery: the removal of breast tissue.

The second part of the surgery process involves reshaping of the breast. As one doctor explains, breast reduction is like “fitting a pie into a smaller plate”; after reduction, doctors “have to compress the pie down to a smaller area.” If the reshaping is omitted then you are left with a blob of loose skin around a flatter area.

Pills contain ingredients such as caffeine, sclareolides and chromium picolinate, ingredients that suggest that some leading pills are merely diet pills in disguise. Taking them may help you shed a few pounds, which may lead to slightly smaller breasts because breast sizes and shapes change very rapidly with weight loss. However, another cause for concern is that there is no breast-reshaping if you take the pills so you might be left with saggy skin around the chest area.

If your only reason to take breast reduction pills without exercising and reshaping your body to keep in proportion with reduced fat in certain areas then you are not going to enjoy the results.

The Market Leader’s Claims

The market leader in the breast reduction pill market is a company that claims to be the #1 selling natural breast reduction product. Their promos go on to claim that they are 99% effective, that they are completely safe, and that their ingredients are approved by the FDA.

The spokesperson in their advertisement makes a compelling argument that having an over-endowed chest can be a limiting condition thus there ought to be an alternative to the risky and potential scarring surgeries. Results supposedly appear within two to three weeks of usage while optimal results come about in the six-week period.

There are sixty capsules in one bottle, priced at about $65 each, which is equivalent to a one month supply. Since one bottle of pills lasts about one month so at least two bottles need to be purchased for the optimal results, which is why I was surprised to find a five-pack being sold on Amazon as well.


Is a 99% success rate for breast reduction even possible? According to the pill manufacturers, it is. However, I don’t believe that for a minute. No medication is 100% effective in everyone that takes it, because we’re all different and all our bodies are different. That said, taking a diet pill to reduce your boob size is more intrusive than simply exercising and eating less to achieve the same result.

A quick search of Amazon for some of these products reveals some positive reviews, but also a number of mediocre and downright bad reviews. In one case, a whopping 33% left a one-star review, with all saying that the product doesn’t work. You can scour more corners of the web to find forums and discussions about these pills as well and the consensus is that there is no substantial evidence for or against the product.

The Verdict

The pills are an obscure product with mixed reviews and no documented success stories. Think of it this way, if they did indeed work as well as they did then why wouldn’t they be filling up our airwaves, advertising their success? Don’t throw good money down the drain so don’t buy them.

You don’t have to opt for surgery either, just wait for a more well-rounded solution. I’m sure the science will catch up. Just try to get the word out there that being big-boobed is hard and that we need a solution. Let’s start a revolution, ladies!

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