Bra sizing can be a pain, especially when you find one you love and it’s in a foreign size you’re not familiar with. If you’re browsing the web, or planning on shopping for some new lingerie while on holiday, here’s a quick guide to US versus Australian bra sizing. You can calculate your approximate Australian bra size in a matter of minutes.

Mind you, this is a starting point, there will be variations in sizing by brand, etc. Be sure to try anything on before you buy it and be aware of return policies, too!

The good news is that Australian bra sizes are pretty similar to cup sizes here in America. And of course, Australian girls aren’t much different, either; bikini shopping with big boobs is still a chore Down Under, and the average Aussie girl has grown by two cup sizes in the last few years. Today, G cups are becoming common there just as they are here.

Your US Size

Bra sizing takes a ton a patience, and requires trial and error. Try things on whenever you can, try every style possible. Maybe try on one size larger and one size smaller than your current size. How do they feel?

Do a couple reaches over your head. How about reaching across your body. Does your bra shift, or need to be adjusted back into position? Is there any spillage around or over the cups? Be very aware when you put a bra on, new size or not.

Make sure you are wearing to correct size to begin with! As many 95% of women are wearing the wrong bra size, and many are completely oblivious to the fact. Not only can this have extremely bad effects on your health, but it also is unflattering and uncomfortable! Before you bother calculating your Australian bra size, be sure that you are wearing the correct US bra size first!

A quick tutorial for sizing yourself for a bra:

  • The band should be firm and snug around your body, but comfortable to wear. Standing side-on at a mirror, the band should be horizontal and should not be creeping or pulling up your back.
  • There should be absolutely no poking, rubbing, or digging anywhere. The underwire at the front should lie flat against your rib cage. If they stick up or out funny, they’re the wrong shape for your body and breasts.
  • Each cup should completely encompass each breast. There should be a smooth line where the breast and the top of the cup meet. Even if you are wearing a low cut style or balconette, there should be no ridge or spillage over the top of the cup.

The most common problem women have with a poorly fitting bra is the cup. Much of the time a woman either overfills – leading to quadraboob – or underfills – creating a cup gap – the cups of her bra. It is very apparent most of the time, and isn’t flattering at all! If you have either of those two problems, then you are 100% wearing the incorrect bra size. Time to get re-fitted!

Calculation of Australian Size

Bra sizing in Australia as well as New Zealand is based on the UK system of measurement. The basis of this sizing system is supposedly based on dress size. This makes things a little complicated because I’m sure we well know that dress size really does not effectively convey the overall shape of a woman’s breasts and torso.

It becomes especially difficult if you’re big busted and have a small torso. Beware, some Australian brands will completely skip the FF cup and go straight to the G cup size. This can lead to an entire cup of mis-sizing and confusion!

If you are size A-D, congratulations! Your cup size will be the same when you convert to Australian cup sizes.

For cup sizes US DD+, then you need to count how many sizes larger you are from a D, and count that many sizes down the UK sizing system. For example, a US size DDD is two cup sizes larger than a D. Counting up two sizes on the UK size system, I get to an E cup. Pretty simple, right?

Band sizing between the US and AUS sizing systems utilizes similar measurement of chest circumference. This makes our bra sizing struggle so much easier! Band sizing for both systems typically continue up in increments of 2″, though the US band starts at around 28, and AUS bands begin at 6. Take your current US band size and subtract 22 to get your AUS band size.

Here are a few examples of sizing conversions:

  • US 34DD = AUS 12DD
  • US 40B = AUS 18B
  • US 30F = AUS 8E

Check your Calculations

If you really aren’t keen on calculating yourself, or you want to check your answer, go to Her Room, here.

Remember, as many as 95% of women are wearing the wrong bra size and don’t know it! Make sure you know your ideal bra size before you bother calculating your international sizes and buying new bras! Now’s as good a time as ever to double check and be sure.

Now Go Shopping!

The Her Room site is a neat resource not only for checking your calculations and other useful links, but they have a selection of international bra brands, too! Check out their perfect Australian bra selection here, and make sure to have your freshly calculated Australian size on hand!They have a wonderful selection of bras in various patterns, styles, and sizes.

Feel free to leave a comment with your favorite brand of Aussie bras, or your favorite website for sourcing them. Have you personally faced any sizing troubles online or in the store? I’d love to hear any of your comments, stories, and feedback!

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