Finding a strapless bra is hard enough for any woman, let alone a busty girl with a bra size that surpasses DD. Busty girls have enough to deal with, like back pain and finding bras that offer enough support, and finding bras that actually come in a their size. Bra shopping can be agonizing or busty girls, and taking out the straps only worsens the situation.

For these reasons, and many more painful and uncomfortable situations that come along with attempting to wear strapless bras for a prolonged period of time, many busty girls have simply given up on strapless bras, and it’s not really a surprise why.

When you have to spend your whole day either hiking up your bra because it is not staying in place, or trying to cover up the cleavage that will inevitably spill out of an unaccepted area, strapless bras are a pain in the neck for busty girls. Have we ever stopped to wonder why?

Why is it that, even though there are strapless bras made specifically for busty girls, most strapless bras just never seem to fit correctly? There are actually quite a lot of different reasons why this could be the case. So, here are a few of the most common reasons your DD+ strapless bra doesn’t fit well, and ways you can stop these things from happening.

You’re buying the incorrect size

Something that a lot of women might tend to forget when buying a strapless bra is that your size is most likely going to change between a normal bra and a strapless bra. You should always try on a strapless bra before you buy it (I can’t even imagine buying a normal bra without trying it on first) because strapless bras are simply a whole different ball game, and so are your boobs once they are in them.

A general rule of thumb for beginning to look for the correct size of bra, or something to go off of if you absolutely can’t try a strapless bra on, is that you want to go up a cup size and down a band size. There are multiple reasons for this. The first being is that you need the cup to be bigger because there’s a lot less fabric in a strapless bra to be able to give you the coverage you need, especially if you are a bustier girl.

The second and more important reason is that the band needs to be tighter because it’s the main source of support that you are getting from your bra. You need this to be a little tighter fitting than normal because you don’t have the added support of the straps, and if the band is too loose- mayhem will ensue.

The band isn’t wide enough

As stated before, the band of your bra is the biggest (and truly only) area of support that is offered in a strapless bra. As a busty girl, a small, narrow band simply will not do. You will be fidgeting and pulling on that sucker all day as you try to keep it from falling down, and it will make you want to swear off strapless clothing for good.

There are a lot of different strapless bra styles that can be found nowaday, instead of the narrow-banded strapless bra that has somehow become the staple that everyone tends to think of when looking for a strapless bra. In fact, for busty girl nation, there are even brands that sell strapless bras specifically for busty women.

One of the best strapless bras you can get as a busty girl is a longline strapless bra. This is a bra where the band comes down onto your torso, which gives you much more added support and stability. This way, you won’t have to worry about anything slipping down throughout the day.

Your clothing is hindering your bra

Usually we get strapless bras to go along with a piece of clothing that we have purchased, so sometimes this is inevitable. It is good to know, however, that sometimes it is not the bra that is fitting incorrectly, but the clothing that is interfering with the bra.

If you are wearing a dress or shirt that is tighter and heavier at the top, and looser at the bottom, this will end up dragging the bra down and causing it to fit incorrectly. If at all possible, try to find clothing that is tighter at the middle or bottom and more loose fitting at the top, as this will help the bra stay in place and keep you feeling great.

You are wearing a bandeau

This is one of the greatest mistakes you can make as a busty girl because, sorry to say, bandeaus just do not work for us. Bandeaus are simply a stretchy band of material, which sometimes has padding and sometimes does not, that goes around your breasts.

They offer practically no support, are not adjustable in size, and tend to roll up during the day if they don’t fit extremely tightly to your body. Basically, they are a busty girl’s worst nightmare. Don’t get me wrong, they are fantastic options for more petite women, and are extremely comfortable and fashionable, but steer clear of these if you are anything above a C cup.

It can be tempting to try one out for the day because they are super cute, and there is clothing coming out that practically screams to be worn with a bandeau, but seriously- just don’t do it. It will end in disaster.

You are wearing a convertible bra

Ah, the convertible bra. Or, as I like to think of it, the bra that was too lazy to be a good bra with or without straps, so it chose to become both. Convertible bras don’t work for so many different reasons, let alone the fact that it is just way too hard to try to keep track of those dang removable straps. I do recommend a few, but you really need to find a great one if you’re sporting DD cups or above.

Convertible bras are poor choices for any woman because, as covered earlier, we usually change sizes when we go to strapless bras, and these bras do not allow for that. These products are simply made as regular bras with removable straps, and if that sounds way too simple to actually work, that’s because it is. These bras aren’t really a good choice for anyone, busty or not, but as a woman who really needs the perfect strapless bra to function, just stay far, far away from these bras.

Your bra is too old

If your strapless bra is too old, it can actually change form, shape and size, and simply be too worn out to be a viable option. I know it is super hard to get rid of a strapless bra that actually fit at one point, since they are so incredibly hard to come by, but once you have worn the band out, it’s time to say goodbye to your old bras.

A good way to tell if you bra is too old is if you can clasp the band on the tightest setting. The reason bras have so many options for tightness is because the band wears out over time. So, when you inevitably get to the last clasp, it means that you’ve officially worn the band out completely, and there’s no remedying it from there.

You aren’t realizing that it’s a strapless bra

We all want our clothes and bras to fit perfectly- that is why we are willing to shell out so much money to attain high quality clothing. It isn’t wrong to want the perfect strapless bra, and it certainly isn’t asking too much to be a busty girl and still be able to wear the adorable strapless clothing that we want.

However, we do have to realize that a strapless bra is what it says it it. The title itself it literally telling you that it is missing something- that it’s not really a fully effective bra. Busty or not, strapless bras are a struggle for all women, and the ultimate reason that your strapless bra doesn’t fit very nicely is simply because, well, strapless bras don’t fit nicely. You can’t really ask too much of your bra, but it is a wonderful thing to know that there are in fact strapless bras out there for busty girls, even if they make us yearn for our regular bras by the end of the day.

Even if you never do find the perfect strapless bra, there are many options out there for busty women, and you never have to turn down the cute strapless outfits that you may have had to in the past. Even if they aren’t ever going to be the most comfortable bras in the world, hopefully this will help you make these bras as well-fitting as they can be!

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