Years ago, when I first started watching the Mad Man series, I became a huge fan of Christina Hendricks. I think this was perhaps the first movie I ever saw her in. I think she’s a lovely and very talented gorgeous woman who has self-esteem and confidence in her own body. And I admire her for that. Big time! But I’m not going to talk about her career as an actress today.

For me, Christina is a role model for many young women who are ashamed of some aspect of their body. I think she’s even an aspiration to how you should handle yourself with grace and confidence. But recently I stumbled upon an article somewhere claiming that Christina Hendricks’ bra size is 38DDD. And let me tell you what – this is definitely not her size! I started to dig around and I found out that this rumor has been circulating for a while.

Why Is Christina Hendricks bra size not 38DDD?

For starters, if Christina’s band size was honestly 38, that would make her a US size 12 or 14. We know she is definitely not either of these sizes.  Suggestions of her bra size that sound rational are more in the range of 32H or 34H. However, because she is so full on top, her true size may even be closer to a 32K. Regardless, if she went in to a professional fitter who knew what they were doing, she would not be tossed into a 38DDD as the media suggests.

Christina often seems like her breasts are bursting out of her outfits, and are ready to make a mad dash out of her bra. It might be accurate for us to assume she has trouble finding properly fitting bras as well as clothes. But this is something most busty girls are accustomed to!

Yes, Christina looks killer amazing, but it’s painfully obvious that she’s not wearing the right size bra. This probably results in the compensation in the size dress, too. This means that she’s most likely wearing the wrong size dress! When you take a closer look at her photos, you can see very clearly that the sides of Christina’s breasts are not well supported and are spilling on the sides. Spillage means the cup is too tiny for the breast.

Even when she shoots advertising campaigns, her stylists also cannot seem to put her in the correct size. Anyone who struggles with large breasts and small cups will see the problem immediately. It’s not flattering to her, or the advertisers. The most common problem is that the cups are too small and the underwire doesn’t support her breasts, so her boobs are being pushed out of their confines.

She often wears a bra that is at least a few cup sizes too small, pushing her breasts up much more than her correct bra size would. This can be damaging to her beautiful bust in the long term. It will quicken the breakdown of breast tissue, and the breasts will not be able to support themselves without a bra. Drooping will result.

Why Is This Important?

I used to wear the wrong size bra for years. It resulted not only in discomfort and a feeling of tightness in my chest but in back pain as well. It pains me to see that the majority of women still haven’t found the right bra size yet. Most lingerie stores sell only cups as big as a DD cup, but the bra scales go so much higher than that. There are cups of size E, F, G, and so on. If we’re talking about UK sizes, you can also add FF, GG, and HH.

Just think about it: bras have been around for more than 100 years now and most women are still getting it wrong. Why? Because they either don’t get measured properly, are shy, can’t be bothered, or are wearing the wrong size because the most popular lingerie companies don’t make anything larger than a DD cup. This seems to be the default cup for all lingerie models.

And when women find out they are a G or an H cup size, they freak out and deny. But there’s nothing wrong with that! It’s important to wear the right size bra, after all, it’s just a number.

No other clothing is neglected in such a tremendous way as the bra. You wouldn’t wear the wrong-sized shoes, would you? Boobs, like feet, need support, attention and to be housed comfortably (and tastefully).

The Meaning of Wearing The Right Size Bra

So, back to celebrities. It turns out that so many celebrities are wearing the wrong-sized bras and their misinformation becomes what people accept as fact about cup sizes. The media guessing bra sizes can also be very misleading. There are many speculations about other celebrities’ bra sizes.

Take for example Emily Ratajkowski: she is supposedly a 32C, but she has such a tiny back. I would place her as a 26FF instead.The media say that Kate Upton is a 34D, wrong again! She is much more of a 30FF/G.Kim Kardashian is famous for her stunning curves that go in all directions. An article I read recently claimed that she’s a 32DD – so not true. Kim is absolutely either a 30G or 30GG. Let’s be honest and educated about this sensitive topic!

On the other hand, it’s absolutely possible that Christina Hendricks is well aware of her correct bra size. Perhaps she only puts on a smaller size for public appearances, to show off her famous assets and cement her image.

Either way, that’s her own decision and it cannot be judged. I only hope that she knows her correct size. Otherwise, she’s looking at a lot of pain and discomfort in her near future.

Something else I discovered recently about Christina Hendricks is that because she’s frustrated by her difficulty finding supportive swimwear, she’s creating her own line of swimwear for big breasted women. This sounds like a great thing. Unfortunately, the source of information was yet another article stating she is a 38DDD… I am worried that someone who constantly wears at least one size too small, would make a line of garments that run super small. Personal bias, right?

I’m hopeful that the world will soon start to understand that a DD isn’t necessarily a big cup size, because its’ definitely not the biggest! Equally important, you should know that the band measurement must be taken into account. Remember, the bra sizing scale is a proportional one. The band and cup sizes are with respect to each other, and really mean very little by themselves.

As for Christina Hendricks, the large volume of her ample breasts makes her far from a DDD cup. I’ve fitted plenty of women into sizes like 32DDD and 34DDD, and their busts aren’t anywhere near as big as Christina’s. Will we ever know?

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