It might sound crazy to try to buy full figure bras online; after all, it’s hard enough to find bras that fit us in the store! Online bra shopping seems scary because we can’t try the bras on before we make our final purchases in the checkout cart. However, if we can push past this initial nervousness, we might actually find that online shopping for bras is actually BETTER than shopping in stores.

Better than actually trying on the real thing? Yes, really; I am not making this up. There are many reasons why shopping for bras online is the best way to buy your lingerie. Here’s why:

1. Better selection

One of the best reasons to purchase full figure bras online, or any bras for that matter, is because there is a far better selection online! There are more sizes, variety, styles and more when you shop online because most online retailers can carry a lot more stock than a store can.

Something that always irritates me as a busty girl is that, even when a store claims to carry larger and bustier sizes, they generally only go up to a DD. First of all, DD is nowhere near the largest bra size out there. In fact, it is a lot more common to have a larger breast size than a smaller one, so why end there?

Secondly, even if a store does carry larger sizes for us busty women, they never really seem to have enough of them in stock. I get so excited when I find out a store carries my size, only to discover that there isn’t anything left in my size because they only carry a few in every style, and they have already been picked over by everyone else. I would way rather stick to online shopping where I can filter out all the small sizes.

2. No inaccurate mall bra measurements

I always thought that it was so great that lingerie stores like Aerie and Victoria’s Secret have associates that will help you find out your bra size… until I found out that this is a complete hoax and just a way for them to get more money, even at the expense of your comfort.

Want to know a little secret, associates at these stores are trained to tell you that you are one of their sizes that they carry, even if you are not. Last year, they tried telling me I was a 38DD, which just so happens to be the largest size they carry. Had I not known better, it would have been all kinds of awkward quadraboob and a total lack of support.

It didn’t fit me because I was actually a lot bigger than that! They would never tell me this because then they would lose my money- what a crock. Online stores give you simple measurements to follow, and you will never have to deal with these lies.

3. No embarrassing fitting rooms

As much as most fitting rooms are designed to be fun and playful, and the associates are generally around to make you feel like a special customer, I generally end up feeling weirded out and embarrassed when bra shopping, and I’m sure other women have experienced this too.

I don’t need someone standing right outside my door, constantly asking me if I am alright. I know some women like this, but it generally makes me feel uncomfortable and rushed, and I really like taking my time when I’m shopping.

I love being able to take my time and really look over my options without feeling rushed, or to be honest, harassed by the associates working there. The only place you can really do that is online, and the great part is, you can still contact the company for assistance if you need it.

4. Free shipping and returns

Free shipping and returns are some of my favorite words, and I’m sure they are yours too! What is great about this is that some clothing companies won’t even let you bring your bra back to the store, but buying online ensures that you can return your bra if it doesn’t fit correctly.

What is great about this is that you don’t have to feel completely stuck about a certain size. If you are really worried that a certain bra won’t fit, all you have to do is order it and return it if it doesn’t work out. Easy as that.

5. Access to reviews

Reviews are honestly probably my favorite part of the online shopping experience because it is something that you will never get in stores. I always do a lot of research before I buy clothing, and it is great that you have access to hundreds of reviews when shopping online.

Some bras fall apart after a few weeks, some are insanely uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time, and some look horrible under clothing. You would never get any of this from a store, so it’s wonderful to have access to this while bra shopping online.

Where I recommend to buy bras online

You didn’t think we would leave you without telling you our favorite online shopping store for bras, did you? Of course not! We really think you should head on over to Bare Necessities and see all of the wonderful bras they have to offer.

They have a fantastic selection of full-coverage bras that would make any busty girl’s dreams come true, and they have those awesome free return policies that will have you drooling. If you want to dip your toes in the water of purchasing bras online, we really think this is the best place to do it. Don’t believe it? Go see for yourself.

Well, there you have it. All the fantastic reasons why you should login to your computer before heading out to the mall the next time you need a new bra. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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