The struggle is real.

“Big boobs are beautiful!” said by anyone who hasn’t endured the daily struggle of being “well-endowed”. We can’t all go braless in a tiny strappy silk blouse, but we can certainly fill out the neckline of our favorite v-neck tee!

Having large breasts is sexy! But what about when you’re on the BIG side of big? When sexy becomes a daily wardrobe battle and a complete pain? How about a DD or DDD cup? Not feeling so amazing anymore, right? Us girls have good curb-appeal, but we absolutely have a love-hate relationship with our chests.

Here are my 36 problems of being busty:

Warming up with typical bra issues!

1. You can’t order bra online (well, until now).

I love bra shopping online- until my purchase arrives and I try to wrestle it onto my body. The intricately beautiful patterns, delicate lace, and slender straps are to die for- well, they looked good on the 34B model. Alas, it is impossible to order bras online. Or is it? Check out my spiffy guide on buying bras online to solve all of your bra problems!

2. Big bras = big expense. 

Fitting a bra to your body type would be the ideal scenario. Things usually are more of a “squeeze-my-body-parts-and-bend-to-the-will-of-this-contraption” situation. Custom bras are expensive, and larger sizes are hard to come by. Will the struggle end?

3. The sports bra struggle. 

Planning on taking a yoga or Pilates class? I bet you see it coming: the dread of finding a cute sports bra or bralette. I find that I need a sports bra for my sports bra! Otherwise I face the inevitable- boobs resting on my chin while I attempt a forward bend.

4. Strapless bras.

My thoughts on strapless bras: they must be a scam. Everyone who wears one is trying not to have bra straps hanging out everywhere, yet they are constantly readjusting their strapless bras. I can’t decided which situation is worse. My solution is simple, don’t do it! I keep an emergency strapless in the off chance that I may need it, but it has been years out of commission! No need for it.

5. Underwire.

The bane of my existence. It bothers all of us. It is uncomfortable, it pokes and prods, and is all the while unpleasant. You’ll be glad to hear, boobs big or small, we all feel this pain.

6. The constant need for a bra.

Wearing a bra is constricting. But going without one feels dumpy, and all I want to do is fold my arms. Not to mention it feels like everyone is shockingly aware of your lack or support.

7. Swimsuits tops and mixing sizes.

Dark bold solid colors are my best friend. Say goodbye to tiny prints, or strapless setups! I found that I get the best security and control out of a halter-style bikini top. Others might think it amusing for you to lose your top in the deep end, but it’s not the best part of my day when it happens… Luckily stores like Target (and many other mainstream retailers) have a variety of colors and styles and will allow you to mix and match sizes for tops and bottoms. If you need M bottoms and a XXL top, no problem.

8. More swimsuit Perils.

Worst case scenario, you are stuck wearing a one-piece bathing suit. I remember growing up and being pushed into a dress code for school, sports, and summer camps. For a one piece, there is often nothing worse for us. Thank God for stretchy fabric, but sometimes even THAT doesn’t cut it.

9. Color bias.

I’ve become so used to buying a bra in one of three colors: black, nude, or white. More recently I’ve seen a little splash of color or lace, but they’re certainly hard to come by! Sometimes the occasion doesn’t call for a “blah” nude or white bra. I want to feel sexy! And sometimes that means putting on some beautiful lingerie.

10. Victoria Secret and other manufacturers.

These companies cater to the masses, which is usually a 34B. If you see a bra you “have to have” at a fashion show and Adriana Lima looked good in it, chances are it won’t be produced in a size larger than a D cup. Newer, smaller retailers are popping up every week. Don’t lose hope, we are in the age of customizing products to a consumer’s wants and needs. Continue to ask around, to Google search. Find a gem manufacturer that will give you what you are looking for!

Wardrobe malfunctions…

11. Festival attire. 

Feeling like you’re wearing a headband around your boobs is fun right? Don’t even get me started. When summer rolls around, there is nothing trendier at festivals than bandeau bra tops. You don’t feel the sweltering temperatures. Once I got myself into one, I swore the only realistic way to get myself out (looking back, maybe it was actually a Chinese finger trap) was to cut the thing off! In the future, I now keep my distance.

12. Shirts with buttons.

White business casual button ups are classy, professional, perfect for a business meeting. Make sure your buttons are secure, and find a shirt with a little stretch or give to help accommodate your bust. I prefer sticking to black or bold colors instead of plain white. White can be harsh-looking and can make curves look even curvier!

13. Super low-cut necklines are a no-go.

Low cut dresses and tops are fun, but watch that neckline! Going too low can cause a myriad of problems. A more modest cut will be your best friend. Nobody wants to look like their chest is trying to bust out of their top. Finding a cut that doesn’t drape off of you in an unflattering manner will be key. Décolletage tops are a good option, but make sure to choose something that will flatter your beautiful waistline.

14. Tasteful side-boob?

Dream on! See an adorable draped summer blouse? Try it on and the nightmare begins. Such an irresistibly comfortable top just doesn’t flatter bulging side-boob. No matter how you try to rearrange, this style can’t handle your curves. No-bra styles just aren’t going to happen.

15. Bright colors are out.

Is White your favorite color to wear? How about sunshine yellow? Watch out! These colors can be very unflattering to a curvy body.  You should try opting for darker colors; they will boldly compliment your beautiful curves.

16. Shirts are generally a struggle.

If you find a shirt that fits you perfectly everywhere, buy it. Right then and there! A problem for anyone is finding a shirt that fits and flatters. Now add DD’s and that problem just got a million times worse.

Specific “No-No’s”

17. Sizing jackets and blazers.

Anyone who is even a little busty will have the same issue here as mentioned previously. Trying to button a blazer that’s too slender around the bust can look terrible. Business casual tops are also a chore; white fitted tops tend to accentuate the breasts and make them look even larger! My best solution to this problem has been to buy a quality blazer I love, in a size that fits around my chest. Then I march over to my favorite tailor for alterations. Not only will I leave with a classy jacket that fits like a dream, I have a quality item (instead of a cheap throw-away piece of clothing).

18. Backless shirts.

Backless tops are tough to conquer. Again we run into the issue of no support and no bra. Unless you are on the small side, I have to go with my previous statements of “no bra is a no-go”. Those shirts are made of cotton usually and there is no a chance that cotton can hold you chest up. Finding a semi-backless top that will allow for hiding a bra is best.

19. Strapless dresses.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that strapless dresses are a struggle for anyone, big breasts or small. Your shoulders are naked, your neck is exposed, hopefully the dress is staying in place (typically not). To be real, I spend the entire night trying to wrangle it into place and keep it on my body. Sure, it might look great in photos when it’s properly adjusted. The only luck I’ve ever had is with a dress that laced up the back. Even then, it was a snug fit, and rather constricting. Just like my swim suits, I prefer the halter-top dresses.

20. Sling bag backpacks.

These should be avoided unless you’re on your way to a track meet. If you need to carry a little more, or want a more comfortable means of packing your things for the day, go with a cute canvas and leather backpack. No cumbersome strap across the chest, stretching out your shirt or making you feel awkward!

21. Silky blouse?

Wearing the occasional skimpy blouse makes me feel trashy! What would be loosely draped over someone else, is taught across my chest. I don’t want to look like I stuffed myself into a top that clearly isn’t supposed to be fitted. I go for my favorite tunic, with a nice lace camisole underneath.

22. Sweatshirts.

Yes, I understand they’re cozy- but also dumpy.To be far, they look dumpy on just about everyone. However, anyone with big boobs knows sweatshirts look extra-dumpy. I have to buy them two sizes larger so I’m not stuck in some kind of cozy straitjacket.

23. Suspenders!

A recent fashion trend in past years. Though not for everyone, they’re REALLY not for us with big boobs. When I wear them, the straps love to migrate across to either the inside or outside of either boob. Never to stay in place. Suspenders and I are not friends [sigh].

24. Dainty necklaces.

Tiny pendants get lost in my cleavage. I’ll have to go hunting for it, and digging around there in public is generally frowned upon. I prefer bold statement necklaces. They’re not going to shift around, get lost, and they’re more fun anyway!

A few more miscellaneous troubles

25. Picky shopper!

You have to be! It’s totally not your fault the “main stream” bra isn’t for your body type! Being picky isn’t only about what you want. Knowing what you DON’T want is just as important. Being able to narrow down your searches by picking out things you do and don’t like about various brands is vastly important!

26. My boobs make me look heavier than I am. 

You will always look curvy, even if you are thin. Clothes may drape or bag in the midsection, making you appear heavier than you are. My best fix? Clothing that is drawn in at the waist, adding a thick waist belt helps, too.

27. Pregnancy?

But my boobs are big enough already! What is going to happen when I get pregnant? Will they swell more now and sag more later? Will they sag now?! The questions we ask ourselves in fear…

28. Fear of sagging boobs!

I constantly worry about my breasts sagging over time. Will they be more likely to droop sooner if they’re bigger? Gravity works harder on more massive objects, right?!

29. You can’t feel comfortable

I have trouble being comfortable in my own skin, and I know I’m not alone! Whether I feel like my top is bunching funny, or I’m constantly nagging at my itchy bra, I feel like people are very aware of me and my discomfort/awkwardness.

30. Clothes feel like a money pit

If you find your weight fluctuates a bit, this can be really true. Clothes can be difficult to find, but when you find something that fits, or a talented tailor, you can confidently build your wardrobe. I have found capsule wardrobes to be my new favorite thing. By trimming my closet down to about 90% of what it used to be, I could keep items that I love, and that fit me well! Everything else was traded to my friends or donated to people in need. Moving forward, I only purchase quality pieces that match a variety of items in my closet. Check it out!

31. “Are they real”?

For those of us who have had this question asked of us, I understand what it feels like to be flattered and offended all at once. I have no idea who told these people – especially other women – that it’s OK to ask a girl if she has implants, but yet some small-minded people still assume that no one can be naturally curvy.

32. Sleeping.

We can’t all be stomach sleepers. Ever had to dig yourself a hole at the beach in order to lay face-down? I feel your pain.

33. Welcome to a lifetime of back problems!

Keeping a strong back is tough, and the constant weight strain doesn’t help either. Some of us will seek out breast reductions because of chronic back pain. Ouch! I try to stretch my back out every day or two. Taking a yoga class has helped me, as well as finding a chiropractor to check for any other secret spinal problems. You’d be surprised what a simple back X-ray can reveal. It’s also worth trying a posture bra.

34. Sweat.

Nothing cuter than boob sweat and the feeling of sticking to yourself! This is a struggle of mine any time its warmer than 80 degrees or during any kind of physical activity. I sweat SO much.

35. Running is painful.

Running around as a kid was great, I’m sure it was wonderful cardio exercise! Then puberty happened. Though running is a great stress reliever for some, it screams back pain for many others. I find my arms will be sore the day after a good run (from trying to hold my boobs down!) instead of my legs feeling the aching fatigue. The bounce factor is definitely a struggle. I’ll keep to my low-impact sports…

36. Inspired by Grandma.

Bras needs to be comfortable. You need to feel good in them, but without any unnecessary discomfort. You have one more wish: you want them to be flattering, not like you got grandma’s hand-me-downs! Big bras have a tenancy to look casual. If you want them to be frilly and strappy, you’re going to have to find the balance between the look you want and the comfort level you desire.

This hardly scratches the surface of my big breast woes; I’m sure you understand where I’m coming from. At the end of the day, I’m glad to have my curves. Here’s my favorite bra company that has helped me to solve many of the problems I’ve listed above:

Shout out to my favorite bra company, take a look!

Thanks to a savvy MIT grad, bra shopping for us may have just become a little easier. Check out the magic at Third Love. You can try your first bra for free for 30 days. They’ve turned bra shopping into an exact science, and bra manufacturing into a fine art! With a wide array of sizes, styles, and designs, you’re sure to find something you fancy.

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