The sun is out, the temperature is hot, and you are stuck inside because you just can’t deal with all the problems your big boobs cause during the summer. Sound familiar? Well, it certainly does for me.

I’m a total beach babe, and summer is like heaven on earth for me. This is especially true because I live in a town that gets quite a lot of snow, so we have to take as much advantage of summer as possible. This can be hard, though, when you have large boobs and your bust just keeps getting in the way of everything.

Adult film actress Mia Khalifa explains in this hilarious video:

If you are a busty girl, then you can totally relate when I say that summer is truly the best of times, and the worst of times. I love being a busty girl, but it can really get in the way sometimes- quite literally. If you are a busty girl, chances are you’ve faced quite a lot of these problems, and you know why having boobs is totally the worst part of summer for all of these reasons:

The boob sweat is unreal

One struggle that every girl with big boobs knows all too well is that the second you walk into the hot sun, you will be dealing with boob sweat all day. It is a serious problem, and if you’re like me, you will have to get used to putting deodorant on not only your armpits, but your boobs too.

Swimsuits are always too revealing

Oh, the aggravating struggle of trying to find a swimsuit that actually fits you correctly. Getting a swimsuit is not only extremely difficult because the cup sizes just never seem to fit correctly, but even if you do find something that fits, it ends up showing off way more cleavage that you wanted it to. Don’t even think about bending over or crossing your arms unless you want to flash everyone at the beach/pool.

Swimming is a real challenge

As mentioned above, your swimsuit is probably already a challenge for you, especially if you are constantly spilling out of it more than you want to. Sure, this is difficult and annoying when you are out of the water, but it is even worse when you are actually swimming around.

Be careful not to make any sudden moves, otherwise you might find yourself having a massive wardrobe malfunction. It is so frustrating that you can hardly do the doggy paddle in the water, let alone try to ride some waves or, God forbid, go on any poolside attractions like the diving board or the slide. If you value your top, you’ll have to move as slowly and as little as possible.

Sunburn where you never want a sunburn

Sure, every girl has to make sure to apply sunscreen on their chest and neck. However, if you’re a busty girl, it is almost inevitable that you are going to step inside from the hot sun and find you have two blazing red, sunburnt tatas.

Your swimsuit doesn’t cover much, and when there’s that much surface area, the tops of your boobs are like magnets to the sun. By the end of an aloe vera-filled summer, you will be praying for the days your boobs weren’t throbbing from sunburn pain.

Cold treats are a no-go

Have you ever tried to eat a popsicle or ice cream cone in the sun? Well they melt, really fast; and for busty girls, that means you are going to have a sticky mess on your hands (or, well, boobs). These things are always seeming to get in the way, especially when it comes to food.

Popcorn going down your shirt at the movies, having permanent stains on your chest from food fallout… and when summer rolls around, the dreaded drippage of icey treats. You better be prepared with a handful of napkins if you even think about eating one.

Cute summer clothes never really fit

Rompers, crop tops and tank tops are everywhere and they are oh-so-cute… but you never get to wear them. These summer clothes are a staple for every other woman in the country right now, but it is obvious that designers weren’t thinking about busty women when they designed these deathtraps.

Rompers never have enough room because your boobs hog it all, so they end up fitting super weird and are horribly unflattering. Crop tops are an absolute no, unless you want to flash everyone some serious underboob. Tank tops either show off way too much of the girls, or you can never find the strapless bra you have to wear with them. Any way you put it, you are left out of all the fun with summer fashion.

Everyone thinks you are purposely showing off the girls

Summer is hot! So we wear a lot less clothes, or risk dying of heat stroke. It really is one or the other, but busty girls really get thrown under the bus for this one. Excuse us for wearing that low-cut shirt or strapless dress- yes, we know we have a lot of cleavage. We really aren’t trying to show off our chest to everyone, but sometimes we can’t help it.

No one likes wearing turtlenecks in summer, or at all, and we busty girls can’t help that everything looks a little more revealing on us. This really shouldn’t be a problem at all, because people should learn to mind their own business, but it is super annoying getting all those looks during the summer because of our ‘revealing’ clothing.

Busty girls have it hard sometimes! In what is supposed to be the best time of the year, we have a lot of struggles to put up with. We can all get through summer together ladies, and remember to soak up the sun.

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