Whether you are thinking about getting a breast augmentation and you are looking for more information on the whole process, or you have successfully completed your augmentation and you are ready to show off your new bod, one thought that might come to mind is what you will be wearing after the procedure.

Of course, because breast augmentation is a surgery that comes with a long recovery process, your doctor will probably have some suggestions on what you should be wearing after your surgery. However, just as finding the perfect bra is always a struggle that women must go through, finding a bra for post-augmentation can also be a struggle, and we are here to help you through it!

If you’re looking for the perfect post-augmentation bra, there are many tips and tricks you can follow to help with the healing process, keep you comfortable, and help you look and feel great until those new additions are ready to be properly shown off. To aid you in finding the best post-augmentation bras, follow these tips.

Once you do, I have an entire list of the best bras for post-augmentation ladies.

1. Take Care of Yourself

We get it. You just had the augmentation you had been waiting for and you want to show off your new assets in a few sets of beautiful new bras. However, you did just undergo a major surgery, and there is a recovery time that you have to be mindful of. As with every surgery or procedure, you will cause yourself a lot more pain and trouble if you don’t take care of yourself and let your wounds heal properly.

If a bra feels painful or uncomfortable, you should err on caution and opt against it. You don’t want to put any more pressure or stress on your already healing breasts, and if a bra is causing you pain, chances are it is not doing anything positive for the healing process. In fact, because your breast tissue is so sensitive and still healing, you can end up damaging it by wearing improper bras. Even the sexiest bra in the world isn’t worth you ruining your new breasts, or causing yourself a dangerous injury or infection.

2. Get Measured

It is likely that when you get a breast augmentation, you will know what size you are going up to- for the most part. As much as plastic surgeons can attempt to get you to the exact cup size that you are looking for, all breasts- even augmented ones- are different and unique, and there may be circumstances that cause your breasts to end up a different size than they were planned for.

Keeping that in mind, you should always get measured, or at least try on multiple bras in different sizes to find the true size of your new breasts. It’s always good to get measured, whether that’s with your doctor or at a lingerie store, because this will be the most conclusive way for you to know what bra size you are so there’s not as much guess work for you.

Additionally, keep in mind that your breast shape may have changed, and you are probably rounder and fuller in the breasts than you once were, so trying on different styles of bras will be extremely beneficial for you as well.

3. No Underwire or Push-up Bras

No women in the world would choose an underwire bra or push-up bra as their go-to bra for comfort. While these types of bras add a lot of support, cup size, push and simply spice up your look better than any other bra, they just aren’t that comfortable. When you are healing from surgery, nothing is worse than wearing something that makes you more uncomfortable.

You are already going to be in pain. Your breast tissue will be sensitive, your chest is going to be sore, and you are going to be at a higher risk for injury and infection than normal. Just take it easy for the first few weeks and stay away from anything that doesn’t make your boobs feel like they’re resting on a cloud. If they don’t, then the bra isn’t worth it. And don’t fret; you’ll be wearing those bras in no time once your recovery period is over.

4. Opt for Stretchy Materials

Not only will your breasts be extremely sore for the first few weeks after surgery, but they will be swollen as well. You don’t want to end up buying a fancy and expensive bra that isn’t going to fit you a few weeks later when the swelling goes down and you take on your true cup size.

Try to find bras that have the stretchiest material possible. Sports bras are going to be your safest and most comfortable bet- I mean, who wouldn’t want to live in a sports bra for the rest of their life if they could? The great thing about sports bras is that they offer enough support to allow your breasts to heal, and they are also stretchy enough to fit you during and after the recovery period.

Of course, sports bras aren’t the most attractive bras in the world. While you should really be focusing on healing from the surgery over everything else, sometimes we ladies just need to add a pretty bra to our outfit to brighten our day. So, if you are tiring of attractive sports bras, you can try a bralette instead. They don’t have underwires and are pretty stretchy, offering the same comfortable support as a sports bra while still being super cute.

Better boobs means better bras, and the chance to finally get into a bra that is the size you have always wanted to be… is there anything more exciting in the world of lingerie? Nothing beats getting a comfy, pretty new bra, and hopefully this will help you find the best one after you exciting augmentation!

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