If you are a woman who struggles with finding bras that fit you correctly, know that you are not alone. Bra shopping is incredibly hard, especially with all the styles that are now available. It can be nearly impossible to find the correct bra if you don’t know what bras are the right fit for you, and there is no way to try them all to find out. This is especially true for women with “side-set breasts”. More on that in a moment.

One of the best ways to make sure that your bras fit correctly is by finding out which type of breasts you have. What I mean by this is you must examine yourself and find out exactly what shape your boobs are. Some common breast shapes include East-West boobs, round boobs, bell-shaped boobs, and more. If you have no idea what boobs you have, I actually already have an article on this which you can find here.

If you already know what bra shape you are and you happen to be in the side-set boob camp, then this article is for you. It can be extremely hard to find bras that work for your side set boobs because they aren’t the most common breasts out there, and bras aren’t one style fits all. The challenge with side-set breasts is that they, as the name suggests, are more on the sides of your chest than the center.

This can make it hard to get that enviable “kissing” cleavage, and it can be even harder to find bras that support you. A lot of women with these breasts may find that they tend to spill out the sides of their bras because they just aren’t designed with enough side support to keep those girls in. If you are a woman who has struggled with this issue, then keep on reading as we cover the best bras you can wear when you have side-set breasts.

Side Support Bra

I have an entire article on this topic; you can find it here. In short, side support bras are a wonderful choice for women with side-set boobs because they offer wonderful support for you breast shape. With the way that your breasts are positioned on your chest, you might find that you are spilling out of your bras. This won’t happen in these bras.

The wonderful reason these bras work is because they have a lot more support on the side, and most have added side panels that other bras are lacking. This will ensure that you are fully supported everywhere, and you won’t have to worry about spilling out the side of your bras anymore. They can also be super cute and still give you some cleavage, so they aren’t so full coverage that you lose your wonderful assets in your bra.

My Recommended Side Support Bra: Fantasie Jacqueline Bra
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Push-Up Bras

Push up bras work miracles for almost every woman, and those who have side-set breasts are included in this. The reason these bras are so perfect for you is because they work to push your boobs closer together, and up further on your chest. This is a struggle for women with these boobs because they are generally further apart on the chest than most, and these bras help to eliminate that.

Of course, if you are also a busty woman, you might not be too thrilled about getting a push-up bra. However, since you have side set breasts, these bras probably won’t end up adding quite as much cleavage as it would on other breasts, so you don’t have to be too worried about looking too large. There are certainly other options out there, but if you want to center your breasts, create some cleavage and have access to a wide array of bras, then they are definitely worth looking into.

My Recommended Push-up Bra: Curvy Couture Lace Push-up Bra
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Plunge Bras

Plunge bras are every side-set woman’s hero. These bras are great because you can get them in full-coverage, medium-coverage or less coverage bras, and they come in almost every style. They are very versatile and easy to come by as well, so you won’t have to go to any specialty stores to find them.

The reason these bras are the perfect option for women with side-set breasts is because they will show off your cleavage and bring your boobs together. The plunge design of these bras means that you can still get great coverage and support, while looking and feeling sexy and amazing. You don’t have to lose your boobs to a well-fitting and supportive bra.

My Recommended Plunge Bra: Freya Hero Side Support Plunge Bra
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Finding the Perfect Fit

These three bras should really fit well for your side-set breasts, and will hopefully help you find a wonderful bra that works for you. However, if you are still having trouble finding the perfect bra for your unique side-set boobs, here are some tips and tricks that you can utilize that will also help you find a bra that works best for you.

First things first, make sure the band centers you. This is one of the most important things to keep in mind while trying to find a bra for your side-set breasts. Clothing might not fit as well if your boobs aren’t centered, and it’ll end up looking pretty strange. A great bra is going to push your breasts together and center them on your chest.

Secondly, find a great band. This is important because when you have side-set breasts, all the support is going to come from the band. If you get a bra that has a small and skimpy band, it isn’t going to look good, you won’t be supported, and you are going to be uncomfortable all day.

That’s it! The confusion and struggle of finding the correct bra for side-set breasts is no more, and hopefully this will help you ladies the next time you’re out bra shopping! Good luck out there.

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