Frenemy to woman-nation for years, back fat is a problem that almost all of us have to deal with, even though we really shouldn’t have to. As the self deprecating, scrutinizing people that we are, we usually tend to think that back fat is an inevitable and unhelpable outcome of eating a few too many comfort foods.

We rarely look to our bras to blame for this unattractive problem, even though our bras actually have a lot more to do with our back fat than we may realize. Of course, we can’t blame our bras for the amount of fat that is on our bodies, but bras do contribute to the amount of back fat that becomes visible with our clothes.

So how can we find bras that help eliminate the appearance of back fat?

The bras that are out on the market right now which are designed to help eliminate back fat can be pretty pricey, coming from brands like the infamously pricey Spanx, and we don’t all have a ton of money to shell out for every bra we buy. If you are in the market for a new bra, and don’t want to pay for any back fat on the side, here are some of the best qualities to look for in your bras to ensure it won’t show off that back fat.

Good fit

Finding the perfect fit is the most important part of selecting any bra, and this couldn’t be more true when it comes to finding a bra that won’t show any fat or rolls. You are going to need your bra to fit you just right if you want it to do its job and look appealing.

The worst thing you could do is get a bra that is too tight. The main reason that back fat becomes visible is because certain areas of your back are being pinched and pushed in on by certain parts of your bra, including the straps and the band. If you get a bra that is too tight, the band, straps, cups and everything else are all going to be digging into your skin, making rolls and fat highly visible, even in areas where you don’t actually have fat at all.

This can be made even worse if spilling occurs, because you just can’t try to fit everything into a bra that is too small. I have met a lot of women over the years who buy smaller bra sizes than what they actually are because they are too afraid and disappointed to admit that they have gone up in bra size. The truth is, there is no shame in going up a cup size, and it’s counterintuitive to try squeezing into a bra that’s too small, because it’s inevitably going to end up making you look larger than you are! Embrace your breast size and find a bra that fits you perfectly. You’ll be thanking yourself later.

Smooth fabric

This is another extremely important aspect to look for in a bra if you don’t want to show any backfat. As mentioned before, back fat is going to show up when the fabric of your bra is digging into your skin. Naturally, you are going to want to bra to be as smooth and seamless as possible, because this will lead to less cutting into of your skin.

If possible, the bra should fit lightly onto your skin, almost as if sittin on top of your skin, and should never feel like it’s pushing in any deeper than that. A good bra will be balanced enough that there won’t be any areas that dig into your skin. If you keep finding bras that all dig in, try opting for one with a larger band. This will help to cover more of your back, and it will dig in far less.

Front closures

Going off of the last point, it is a good idea to find a bra with front closures because this will aid in the overall smoothness of the bra. If you have a clasp in the back, this is inevitably going to lead to unnecessary pinching and pulling that is not only painful, but will make the fabric dig in and will make back fat appear.

If you aren’t a fan of front closures, you can always try finding a bra that has eliminated closures all together. There are a lot of bras available that have a set band, with the only adjustable area being the straps. This, of course, means that you have to be sure to try it on and make sure the band fits properly before you buy it, but can lead to an even smoother finish.

Large straps

Just as a larger band helps to cover more surface area and show less back fat, the straps work in the same way. Straps can dig in painfully, and this digging into the skin is going to appear like fat. If you can find a bra with larger straps, it will not only be far more comfortable for you without anything digging into your shoulders, but it will eliminate some back fat.

Of course, sometimes we can’t wear large strapped bras with certain outfits, not to mention they aren’t always the most attractive bras in the world. If you are against wearing larger straps, you can always see if strapless works for you, with a stretchy bandeau or strapless bra.

Even though our extra fast food stops and extra servings during holidays may be a little to blame for that extra back fat we notice at times, our bras truly have more to due with the appearance of back fat than we think. It’s not difficult to find a bra that will eliminate the look of back fat if you know what you are looking for, so remember these tips before your next shopping trip, and your back fat may never be seen again.

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