Ten years ago the average American woman’s bra size was 34B. Five years more recently it was 36D. According to to the New York Times, the cup size of the average American woman is 36DD today. It is possible that this average size may stick around, and even continue to increase as it has in the past.

It’s been stated countless times that 95% of women are wearing the wrong bra size (yes, it’s true). Unfortunately, many well-endowed women are not aware there is a size beyond 36D which is almost as high a size as most lingerie stores sell. These stores don’t ever stock them. Instead, they’ll try and squeeze anyone into an item in the store. Be informed: sizes DD / DDD / G / H / I and so on, exist. The best part is that nowadays there are a lot of brands that make awesome bras for women with large breasts.

Bra Brands for Big Boobs Exist!

Everyone, no matter their cup size, deserves beautiful, comfortable, well-fitting lingerie. I don’t think that having a large cup size cup or plus size band means you need to resign yourself to your grandma’s bras in boring shades of beige and off-white. Here are some of my favorite bra brands for large breasts.


Panache a globally recognized brand which specializing in germents for women with larger breasts. Cleo by Panache is the juniors line. Cleo features cheery and vibrant patterns and colorful fabrics. Cleo bras are fun and playful in their style. The newest Panache line is the Sculptresse, which is the plus size range. The Panache Black line, has more of a high-end feel to it if you’re looking for a luxurious item. Panache is a UK-based company, where most of the bra development for larger cup and band sizes is happening. The Panache company offers band sizes 28-46 and cup sizes D-K. There are also swim and sport lines.

This company is one of my favorites because they offer several different collections. Panache, Cleo by Panache, Masquerade by Panache, Sculptresse, etc. are all lines worth checking out. Every line is slightly different in style.

Sizing: Bras start at a 28″ back and some styles go up to a J cup.
Price range: $49–$68

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The Eveden Group, owned by Wacoal, consists of five brands. Four of the five brands are dedicated to the plus size and/or full bust size germents and styles. One of those brands is Elomi. Elomi offers bras in cup sizes DD-JJ and band sizes 34-48. Styles convey mature, understated basics and staples that any woman should have in her closet. The overall look is sophisticated and respectable. It is important to mention that Elomi also makes sports bras.

The Elomi brand bras are great because they represent bold colors and feminine designs.

Sizing: Bra sizes go up to a size JJ.
Price range: $48–$78

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Curvy Kate

Curvy Kate launched back in 2009, and rose to the top of the full-bust bra market. The brand became popular for their creative marketing campaigns. Their “Star in a Bra” contest is one of the better known marketing innovations. Curvy Kate products typically target the well-endowed fashionista crowd, offering cup sizes D-K and band sizes 28-44. Curvy Kate brand is a starting point for many newcomers in the market.

The Ellace collection has proven to be increasingly popular. The cups are stretchy and breathable material, so they move with you and don’t work against you. If you go up a bra size during menstruation, this bra might become your best friend. These bras also have an elastic-like band around the back for extra security.

Curvy Kate tests products bras on real women and real curves. This is a wonderful example that other lingerie brands really should follow.

Sizing: The brand carries bras in sizes from 28D to 44K.
Price range: $30–$85

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Fantasie is known for their immaculate use of elegant fabrics and exquisite attention to detail. They offer a refined and conservative alternative to bright and cutesy bras.

Fantasie has a selection of intricate bras that can’t be beat in either sizing or comfort, and that’s why I love them.

Sizing: Fantasie’s bras start at a 30D and go up to a 40K.
Price range: $50–$78


Freya is famous for their Deco style germents. It is alse one of the most popular full-bust bra styles in the world, and very positively reviewed. The Freya Deco is totally worth a try. Even if you only experiemnt with one new bra the entire year, make it the Freya Deco. These bras are heaven if you’ve got a large bust and a tiny torso. Swimsuit problems are also solved; Freya has a swim line!

Whimsical patterns help the Freya bras stand out in a crowd!

Sizing: Most of Freya’s bras start at a 28D and go up to a 38K.
Price range: $44–$66

Miss Mandalay

Miss Mandalay was one of the first full-bust brands to reach mainstream popularity. With styles sporting beautiful designs, and finding balance between fashion and fit. These bras are not only supportive, they’re completely gorgeous. Miss Mandalay also offers a beautiful swimwear line. This brand name effectively proves a full-bust does not plain and boring ways to dress it.

Main features of these bras are the adjustable bra straps and super-supportive sides.

Sizing: Miss Mandalay’s bras go from a size 30D to a 38GG.
Price range: $53–$64


Bras for larger cup sizes can be expensive. I’m sure you’ve noticed. It’s understandable because making a larger cup and band size bra requires different materials, different patterns, different engineering. Parfait by Affinitas is one of the most budget-friendly brands with several beautiful styles for $40 or less. Unbelievable, I know. Their Charlotte line, for example, is one of the most popular choices among consumers.

Parfait combines stretch satin as well as lace. They utilize soft mesh, textured microfiber, and cotton, too. My favorite touch is in the fun little details like lace and tassel trims!

Sizing: Parfait runs from a size 30D to a 40K.
Price range: $31–$50

Le Mystère

Le Mystère revolutionized the lingerie industry by building a bra intended for comfort. They achieved this by using more modern innovations. Their bras are manufactured with ultra-soft microfibers, imported laces, memory foam cups, gentle hooks, and plushy straps. The garments are hand-crafted and produced in the widest range of band and cup sizes offered in America.

Le Mystère bras offer super-soft fabrics, easy closures, and plush straps. This company pust comfort as first priority.

Sizing: Le Mystère runs from a 30A to a 44H.
Price range: $43–$86


With founding roots all the way back in 1876, today the brand Chantells is a leader in French lingerie. The company offers a variety of sophisticated designs that will make you absolutely swoon. It’s important to mention that they also offer tough sports bras and supportive swimwear that are quite durable. The quality is unparalleled by any other company, and they’re a classic French kind of sexy!

In addition to being lacy and super sexy French, Chantelle bras offer side-panel support and extra stretch. What more could you ask for?

Sizing: Chantelle carries bras from 32B to 44H.
Price range: $70–$88

Simone Perele

Here is another French brand who’s history goes all the way back to 1948 when Madame Perele opened her Parisian workshop. Her workshop’s creation was in direct reply to the needs of women. The aim was always to create garments that were both elegant and comfortable. Today, the company’s most popular line is Andora, which is made from 3D Spacer fabric. Andora bra was launched 10 years ago, and approximately one is purchased in every passing minute. This fabric is amazing – it makes your breasts defy gravity.

The Perele bras have feminine and delicate lace details. Super sexy!

Sizing: The bras go up to a G cup.
Price range: $50–$89


Another French, Empreinte was founded in 1946. The brand creates delicately beautiful bras for girls of all sizes. Their style can be best defined by vibrant designs that make gorgeous women actually feel like gorgeous women.

Empreinte bras are expensive but completely worth it! This is true especially if you have a large cup/small band size. The Empreinte’s bras are so pretty and give boobs such a nice shape.

Sizing: The bras are available up to an H cup.
Price range: $70–$202


Looking for lacy, colorful deep-v options? Gossard is your brand. The corporation was founded back in 1901 in Chicago but became a British company in 1930. The now luxury British lingerie is at more affordable prices, but it has no shortage of quality. Don’t you worry!

A large variety of designs and patterns can fit both girls and women.

Sizing: The Gossard’s bras go up to an H cup.
Price range: $15–$87


Former investment banker Josie Natori founded this company in 1977. Natori is now known for running one of the most recognizable lingerie brands in the world. The brand offers a wide spectrum of bras in classy and tasteful styles. The Feather line is by far their most popular line. The name ‘Feathers’ refers to the beautiful lace motif on the band. This pattern reappears on the brief, too. Both the bra and panty are made of nylon, lycra, and spandex.

Feathers is a really nice everyday bra – the kind of bra you put on and then completely forget about. That actually happens, yes. It gives a nicely rounded shape beneath the clothes like a T-shirt bra; completely unnoticeable.

Sizing: The bras from Natori go up to an H cup.
Price range: $55–$78


Wacoal bras are always a perfect blend of fit, function, and beauty. Warcoal is another cherished brand which caters primarily to women who have larger cup sizes and smaller band sizes.

Warcoal have a large variety of styles so I can pick and choose!

Sizing: The Gossard’s bras go up an H cup.
Price range: $30–$54

I’m sure I’ve missed out on some great brands. But these here a good start if you’re looking for high quality and beautiful lingerie for large cup and band size bras.

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