Finding a reliable bra in a DDD cup can be a long, exhausting journey. Several lingerie companies sell bras that are not true to size, they don’t support the weight of our breasts, or they’re made too cheaply and cut into our shoulders and sides. When I was younger I wasted so much unnecessary money on bras that were not worth my money, resulting in an empty wallet and sore, agitated breasts.

As we’ve discussed before, plenty of companies will intentionally fit you improperly and tell you you’re a certain size in order to make a sale. This causes many problems over time and it causes a lot of unwanted physical and mental stress.

When we don’t have a decent bra, a lot of frustrating problems can occur over time. Our beasts can develop blisters or dry, cracked skin. We get rashes. The band of the poor quality bra squeezes our ribs and back too tightly. We sweat too much, often resulting in yeast infections under our breasts. Our back, neck, shoulders, and breasts begin to hurt. We’re often left with permanent indentations in our shoulders and cuts in our sides from protruding underwire. It’s a never ending cycle of awful consequences for having an ill fitting or cheaply made bra.

For those of us who aren’t interested in or can’t afford a breast reduction, we need to find reliable bras to support us properly and keep health problems at minimum.

Hopefully I can put some of your endless searching to rest with this guide to Ann Summers bras for DDD cups!

Who/What is Ann Summers?

Ann Summers is a lingerie company based in the UK; they’re not just limited to lingerie, though! They sell adult toys, erotic clothing, bondage gear, sexy costumes, night wear, “sex essentials”, and novelty gifts.

You would probably assume that a store with these items only sells costume bras or bras that are specifically for the bedroom, but that assumption would be incorrect. This lovely company sells bras for all occasions!

They only have stores in the UK for now, but they ship worldwide! This is very exciting for busty women all over the earth who have yet to find a bra they love. I personally have been let down more than once when I found a bra I really loved and later found out it cannot be shipped to me, so I’m all about international shipping.

Ann Summers offers many types of bras. Their categories are as follows: balcony bras, soft bras, multiway bras, plunge bras, underside bras, longline bras, peephole bras, t-shirt bras, and strapless bras.

It’s important to note that since Ann Summers uses European sizes, instead of listing DDD cup sizes, they will be listed as E cup sizes. Anything you order in an E cup should be equivalent to a DDD.

Ann Summers Bras Available in DDD/E

Balcony Bras

These bras provide you with medium coverage, exposing the tops and inner sides of your breasts. They offer enough padding to push your breasts up and make your breasts look naturally round and perky. They do have underwire, which should provide decent support for your breasts.

Sexy Lace Balconet Bra

This gorgeous bra comes in seven colors: black, lilac, purple, red, white, pale blue, and teal. Ann Summers claims this bra is “all about the uplift” and says it makes you look one cup size bigger. There’s a beautiful scalloped trim over the cups, cute little bows on each strap and one between the cups. It has removable pads. It must be hand washed and cannot be put in a dryer. Just in case you missed what I said earlier, Ann Summers uses European sizes, so instead of DDD your size will be listed as a size E. This bra comes in 32E, 34E, 36E, and 38E.

Bra Review

This bra has 4.6 out of 5 stars based on 166 reviews. One of the first things I noticed with this bra is that most everyone is highly satisfied with the choice of colors. Several customers said they have upwards of four colors of this bra now, which is pretty impressive when you think about the fact that people like this bra so much they’re willing to buy four or more of them! One customer in particular said she wears a 36G and this is one of her favorite bras. This sounds promising since she’s even bigger than what we’re talking about today and she loves it so much! Numerous women mentioned you cannot beat the value of the bra for how much they paid for it, which is $27.14 unless it was on sale at the time. One customer, however, did say the wires poked through after wearing the bra for a few hours. Compared to all the other reviews praising this bra, maybe she happened to get the one “bad” bra out of the bunch. With the exception of a small few, most women all the way up through a size F are very satisfied with this product.

Caipirinha Balcony Bra

This bra is smokin’ hot! While it only comes in one color – a combination of black and nude – it doesn’t need much more variation. It comes in a 42E and a 44E. There’s not a lot of selection there, but it’s a start. This bra is supposed to create an illusion that your breasts are both round and fuller. Ann Summers claims that this bra offers “all-out sex appeal”. This product features rose gold rings and sliders, a black bow between the cups, lace all over, and a pretty frill trim under the bust.

Bra Review

This bra only has 11 reviews, but it has a 4.3 star rating out of 5 stars. There’s one customer in particular who wears a DDD cup (she did not mention her band size) and she claims it’s a gorgeous bra that holds her breasts well. What does concern me is that two other reviews mentioned that the cups were either too small or gave them a frustrating side boob. Because there are only 11 reviews for this piece, it might be smarter to wait until more people give it a review before you give it a try.

Sexy Lace Two Tone Balcony Bra

This beautiful piece is only available in a 34E, so that’s slightly disappointing. It comes in three colors: ivory/black, pink, and purple/lilac. I noticed the purple/lilac and the pink are not available for U.S. shipping, so that limits American women to the ivory/black. This bra is also “all about the uplift” and has the gorgeous scalloped trim over the cups. The pads are removable and this bra is supposed to make you look one cup size bigger. It’s got a 4.7 out of 5 star rating based on 45 reviews.

Bra Review

The first review that stood out to me for this bra read “The sex was amazing in this.” Need I say more? Women AND men are loving this bra! What I really enjoyed about the reviews of this piece are that so many women who purchased it claim they feel sexy, beautiful, and confident for the first time. I know all too well how hard it can be to feel sexy when so many bras are ill fitting on our DDD+ breasts. Many women received this bra as a gift and they were more than thrilled. Really the only “negative” thing I read about this bra is that one woman said the straps are too stretchy, but she still said she loves the product.

I was sad to observe that out of 23 balcony bras by Ann Summers, these appear to be the only ones offered in the sizes we are looking for.

Soft Bras

Soft bras are supposed to support your breasts without using underwire. They’re nice for casual occasions when you want to look presentable but comfortable at the same time. Your breasts won’t be quite as perky in a soft bra.

Singapore Sling Soft Bra

This sexy thing comes in  one color: shell/black. It’s available in sizes 34E, 36E, 38E, 42E, and 44E. So there’s no 40E available, but that’s still quite a selection. The cups feature gorgeous embroidered mesh, a satin and lace mix, and the bra has rose gold rings and sliders.

Bra Review

This bra has very promising reviews. It has a 4.9 out of 5 star review based on 18 reviews. Many reviewers mentioned this bra makes their breasts feel firm, it gives them sexy cleavage, and makes them feel so much hotter for their partner. Everyone loves the added halterneck strap because it further lifts their breasts. Reviewers say it’s comfortable and there’s literally not one bad thing that’s been said of this product so far. One customer who wears a G cup says it fits her breasts perfect, so it should have no problem fitting a woman who wears a DDD/E! After researching this bra I want it myself!

I’m so sad to say this is the only soft bra by Ann Summers that comes in plus sizes. There are 22 total soft bras, so maybe Ann Summers will read this one day acknowledge that we want more soft bras!

Multiway Bras

Multiway bras, also known as convertible bras, have removable straps that can also be used like normal bra straps or criss cross straps. They’re meant to bring versatility to your wardrobe. You can remove the straps so they won’t show with strapless clothing; the criss cross straps are going to provide you with more support and perkiness and might not show up under racerback tops. Most multi way bras also have underwire.

Unfortunately out of the 9 multiway bras offered by Ann Summers, none of them go past DD. Bummer.

Plunge Bras

Plunge bras have a lower cut in the middle than other bras and are specifically made to be worn under v neck/low cut shirts and dresses. They should accent your cleavage and make you feel sexy in your clothes.

Sexy Lace Plunge Bra

This bra offers almost the same beautiful colors as the Sexy Lace Balconet Bra: black, lilac, purple, red, white, teal, and blue pink. It’s available in a 30E, 32E, 34E, 36E, 38E, and 40E. That’s the kind of variety I like to see! Ann Summers claims that this bra both enhances and supports your cleavage. Like some of the other bras, it has cute bows on each strap and one between the cups. This product has removable pads up to a DD and anything bigger than that does not have pads. This bra must be hand washed and cannot be put in a dryer.

Bra Review

This item has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating out of 340 reviews. That’s pretty impressive! A few plus size women were sad that their size did not have padding in the cups, but still love the bra. Like many of the bras I’ve mentioned already, many women claim  that this bra makes them feel beautiful, confident, and hot! A lot of reviews are from men who bought this for their significant other; there’s not been one complaint fro any of those men. They love the bra and said their women find it comfortable and fun to wear. There are, however, a handful of complaints about the underwire poking through and digging in. Overall women are loving this bra; it makes them feel confident and fits true  to size for the most part.

Amberly Plunge Bra

This beauty comes in black and red. It’s available in 32E, 34E, 36E, and 38E. It’s a wire bra with padded cups. The cups are covered with lace and there’s a cute bow between the cups.

Bra Review

This bra has a 4.6 out of five star rating based on 27 reviews. While I did not see reviews specifically from plus sized women, almost every review mentioned how comfortable this product is. They love how beautiful the colors are and everyone is satisfied with their purchase.

Sexy Lace Longline Plunge Bra

This product comes in black and purple. It also has removable pads only up to a DD and then there are no pads after that. It is available in a size 34E. This bra looks sweet, delicate, and feminine – it’s a shame more sizes aren’t available!

Bra Review

This bra has a 4.4 out of 5 star rating based on 19 reviews. A few women mentioned that it’s a great bra for “chubby” people and that it’s not as restricting as you would assume based on what type of bra it is. Like the other bras, it makes women feel beautiful! This seems to be a nice choice for women with large breasts; maybe Ann Summers will have it in more sizes one day.

Sandrine Plunge Bra

This bra is black and light pink striped with beautiful lace trim around the band. It features removable bra pads, black rings and sliders, and has deep cups that make you look amazing in low neckline clothes. It’s available in a 42E and a 44E.

Bra Review

This piece has a 4.7 out of 5 star rating based on only 10 reviews. Almost 10 out of 10 reviews said this bra could not have fit more perfectly and they would like to buy another! The bra is surprisingly comfy despite the lace band and it makes women feel extra sexy for their partners. There are no reviews specifically for an E cup, but women of all sizes seem to love it.

Flirtini Plunge Bra

The name says it all; I can already tell you it’s goin’ down if your partner sees you  in this bra. This thing is HOT! It is certainly made for the bedroom and not for casual wear. This item features scalloped lace, ruffles, and black polka dots. The bra is a combination of pink, black, and white with a powder pink bow between the cups. Ann Summers calls this a “boudoir style plunge bra” with removable padding and pink frill on the straps. It is available in sizes 42E and 44E.

Bra Review

This bra has a 4.9 out of 5 star rating based on 9 reviews. I really love one review that says “Perfectly sexy. I’m a plus size lady and the lingerie is fabulous and sexy and makes me feel like a regular sized person.” Wow! That’s pretty incredible. Many women feel that this bra is the prettiest one they’ve ever had and they’re pleased that it fits so true to size. It sounds like a win to me!

Rosaley Plunge Bra

The Rosaley Plunge Bra is a beautiful combination of black and red with black, French lace covering a little over half of the red satin cups. It has sweet, red appliques on the sides. Ann Summers says that Rosaley “channels dark desires and sophisticated seduction”. This beauty is available in a 36E and a 42E.

Bra Review

This bra has a 4.8 out of 5 star rating based on 8 reviews. While I did not find a review specifically for an E cup, I did find a review yet again for a woman who wears a 40G. The bra fits her perfectly and she’s incredibly happy she found a product that she feels so sexy in! Many women used this bra for bedroom time and said they felt completely confident and lovely in front of their partner. One review did say the bra dug into her underarms and caused her pain; because there are only 8 reviews it’s hard to determine whether the bra is at fault or if the woman possibly doesn’t know her correct bra size! Overall the bra seems to be a hit.

Audrina Plunge Bra

The Audrina Plunge Bra comes in two color combinations: shell/black and navy/pink. The cups are shell shaped, satin, and have fine black lace with gorgeous eyelash detailing. The back of the bra is considered a “statement back”, featuring a triple strap that makes it unique to other bras. This piece is available in a 32E, a 40E, a 42E, and a 44E.

Bra Review

This bra has a 4.6 out of 5 star rating based on 20 reviews. One thing that is evident in each review is that this bra is true to size. I’m noticing a pattern here, but nearly every woman who purchased this item felt insanely sexy and irresistible in the Audrina Plunge Bra! Women with large busts expressed their concern with purchasing this item in the first place because they feared it wouldn’t provide support. They were pleasantly surprised! These ladies claim that this bra DOES provide strong wire support and it’s not too tight at all.

Underwire Bras

Underwire bras are meant to support, separate, and lift your breasts. They’re much more comfortable than most other bras and are usually comfortable to sleep in.

Karly Longline Underwired Bra

This beautiful blue bra is available in a size 30E. Ann Summers claims that this bra gives you an “irresistible cleavage boost, framed by cage-like triple strapping made for pulling and teasing”. It’s supposed to give your breasts strong support. It features a wide elastic band, silver rings, and lace, non padded cups.

Bra Review

This sexy bra has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars based on 27 reviews. It seems as though this bra is very comfortable and irresistibly sexy, but there’s a little problem with the sizing. Nobody who wears a D cup or smaller seems to have a problem with it; almost everyone larger than a D complained either that the cups are too small, it doesn’t support their breasts, or the band is too tight on their ribs and back. If you’re larger than a D cup, you should probably stay away from this beauty, unfortunately.

This was the only underwire bra available for DDD or larger.

Longline Bras

Longline bras extend down to either your waist or your hips. Some longline bras offer shaping for your waist and others have wide straps that provide more support than a regular bra. They kind of look like a mix between halter tops and corsets, and the detail on them is usually intricate and beautiful.

Applique Longline Bra

This lovely bra is electric blue with black lace. Ann Summers claims that this bra “brings to life your midnight fantasies”. The satin cups are padded and have underwire; they have black lace over the cups and have an embellished underbust. This also has the cute bow between the cups. It’s available in a 44D.

Bra Review

This longline bra has a 4.6 out of 5 star rating based on 7 reviews. Because there’s so little feedback, there’s not much I can say other than women are saying it fits well and looks great. Because of the high ratings on almost every Ann Summers bra, I would definitely try this one out!

Unfortunately this is the only longline bra that’s available in a DDD/E.

Peephole Bras

These are made to either show or accent your nipples. It’s a sensual bra that’s usually specifically worn in the bedroom.

Unfortunately Ann Summers does not have any peephole bras available for women our size.

T-shirt Bras

T-shirt Bras are made to be free of bumps and textured surfaces so they don’t show even under the tightest clothing. There are plenty of t-shirt bras that do have a bit of texture to the cups, but the overall goal is for these bras to be invisible under your clothing.

Ann Summers doesn’t have any of these for plus sized women, either. It’s so disappointing!

Strapless bras

These are made so you can wear strapless tops or dresses without your bra showing. They can be hard to wear if you have large breasts; these bras have a tendency to ride down.

Nada for DDD/E.

Is Ann Summers a good choice for women in a DDD?

I do believe that Ann Summers bras are of great value to busty women. They offer a wide array of bras in numerous colors, styles, and sizes. Each bra is unique and brings something special to the table.

This is not something I can say for very many American stores, unfortunately. Even Victoria’s Secret, for example: They’re the largest U.S. lingerie retailer and their selection for plus size women is shockingly sparse.

It’s not just Victoria’s Secret, though. Sometimes I don’t feel like online shopping. Sometimes I want to try bras on in public so I don’t have to pay for shipping or worry about sending an in item back.

When I travel to local stores like JC Penney, Kohl’s, Macy’s, or Bealls, the odds of me finding a bra the fits well are slim to none.

When I do find a bra in person that fits, it’s either so plain or so tacky I wouldn’t wish it on my grandmother. There’s just no variety.

I reviewed, what, 13 bras from Ann Summers? So it’s not an outrageous selection, but it’s a lot better than plenty of other companies. We can’t have our cake and eat it, too…meaning we can’t avoid shipping costs for their bras. We CAN choose from a reliable selection of bras that are so hot our partners won’t be able to resist us.

What I like about Ann Summers is that the 13 DDD bras they do offer are sexy, top of the line pieces of lingerie. Nearly every bra I reviewed had almost perfect feedback.

So many women claim that Ann Summers makes them feel beautiful again. They say they will never shop anywhere else for a because Ann Summers spices up their lives and no other bra supports them the way their Ann Summers bras do.

This is crucial because women who have tried for so long to find a proper bra often feel down and not sexy at all. It certainly sounds like Ann Summers could be the answer for many backgrounds of women.

Something I didn’t mention that makes me respect Ann Summers even more is that they have bras I did not list because the smallest size they offer is an F! I love that they have (a few) products specifically for plus sized women.

What also seems promising to me is reviews from women who wear an F or a G and they swear by Ann Summers bras. This lets me know that just because each bra didn’t have a review for a DDD, if it works for a G it should work for us, too.

Once your boobs pass the DD mark, it’s difficult to just go to a random department store and purchase a bra. It’s almost never that simple, which pushes a lot of us to avoid going to the store altogether and shop online for bras instead – which is why companies like Ann Summers make us feel like we’ve hit a jackpot.

They’re not 100% perfect, though.

Don’t let me say too many great things about Ann Summers and take away from what they need to improve on.

They have zero peephole, strapless, multiway, or t-shirt bras available in our size. Don’t they know how badly we need to tease our partners with a peephole bra?! Come on, now!

Only one soft bra, one underwire, and one longline are available in our size. They mainly offer plunge bras for us.

This is very disappointing to me because we want to wear all those bras, too.

I do think this is a problem with society in general and not with Ann Summers directly. We live in a world that hasn’t really accepted that women have large breasts. For some reason there’s a crazy stereotype that an A and B cup are small, C is average, D is large, and DD is basically gigantic, leaving no sizes bigger than that. Hopefully the world will acknowledge that breasts come in all sizes sooner rather than later.

Anyway, when you take into account the poor reviews for plus size bras at Victoria’s Secret and compare them to reviews for plus size bras at Ann Summers, it makes their small selection a lot easier to accept.

Bottom line

Ann Summers bras are generally a good investment.

If you’ve ever purchased an Ann Summers bra or have a recommendation for another great DDD bra, please let me know in the comments!

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