Aerie has been growing in popularity as a place to buy lingerie. Younger women favor Aerie bras because the company doesn’t retouch its models.

The chain is part of clothing manufacturer American Eagle. It is becoming so popular that their US stores have been seeing huge sales increases!

Now, they finally stock some DD and DDD bras… but with a catch. One of the biggest problems is that larger cup sizes are often out of stock, even online.

More on that in a minute.

In 2014, Aerie made the news by announcing “Aerie Real”. The campaign made them the first major American lingerie manufacturer to not to Photoshop its models.

In an effort to connect with millennials, Aerie no longer retouches any of its photos. They say that their lingerie models are beautiful enough without the use of Photoshop. Also, they say women deserve to see models in their true form.

Aerie has also been appealing to young women by introducing more comfortable lingerie, like bralettes.

Aerie has been stealing business from Victoria’s Secret which Photoshop their models and focus more on sexy lingerie.

One of the cool things about Aerie’s website is that you can see photos of models wearing your actual bra size. That way you can get an idea what the bras look like on girls with your size. It’s called “Real Fit. Real Size.”. It’s a cool feature considering that Aerie doesn’t retouch its photos.

Most traditional lingerie stores only show thin B-cup models, leading those of us who are bigger on top to wonder what the bra would look like on us.

However, most Aerie bras are not made for women with large breasts. Aerie uses the old-school bra fitting method that puts most women in ill-fitting 34B bras. Because of that a lot of women think a D cup is “huge” and only worn by women with gigantic breasts.

This poor fitting method makes Aerie bras in the traditional cup sizes of A to D which does not reflect modern bra sizing.

Let’s take a look at each of their bras to see which ones might be good for fuller busts.



Aerie offers a huge line of bralettes; they even say “Bralettes… we did them first, we do them best”. Bralettes cater to girls who want a comfortable fit without underwires, which isn’t good for bustier girls who need support.

Aerie offers a wide array of bralette styles, including high-neck, triangle, halter, racerback, plunge, longline, bandeau, and classic styles. Every single one of these styles is sized not by band and cup size. Instead, they were sized by traditional clothing sizes of extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large.

Not only do I not recommend these XS-XL sizes for women with large breasts, but many of the bralettes offer T-backs or other flimsy straps that further limit the amount of support the bralette can provide.

Are Aerie bralettes available in DD+ cup sizes? No

Lightly lined bras


Bustier girls who want minimal padding might consider Aerie’s line of lightly lined bras, which include the Sunnie, Katie, Blakely, Hannah, and Audrey models.

The Sunnie full coverage wireless bra

only available up to a D cup, and even then only up to a 36 band size, which means it’s not a good fit for girls with big boobs. Most wireless bras aren’t.

The Sunnie demi bra

called the “softest new fave” by Aerie – is available in a wider selection of band sizes, going up to 40, but still only comes in A through D cup sizes. One reviewer said that her boobs felt like “they were resting on a piece of heaven” in this bra. (She was a 30D)

The Katie full coverage bra

sold as a “go-to everday bra” and is also available in full figure sizes of 32DD, 34DD, 36DD, and 38DD. They claim it is available up to 40DD, but I couldn’t see any in stock.

Aerie’s Blakely bra

a demi bra that also promises to be your “everyday bra”, but with a lower cut. It comes in different cute designs including lacy T-backs and longline bras. Although I still prefer other bras for fuller cups, this is one of the best Aerie bras. It is available in DD and DDD cup sizes from 32 to 38 band sizes. However, when I went to look at the model photos for each cup size, the DD cup size model looked less busty than the C cup and D cup models for some reason.

Hannah bra

the lightly lined bra made out of soft cotton, and comes in DD cup sizes, but not DDD sizes.

Audrey convertible and strapless bra

has largely been out of stock, but does promise DD cup sizes up to 38DD. However, only 34DD was available when I checked online; you might be able to find more stock in stores, although I’d doubt Aerie carries a lot of large bra sizes offline.

The rest of Aerie’s unpadded bras do come in DD cup sizes, but nothing larger. The Sunnie Full Coverage bra is a soft T-shirt bra that won’t show through clothing, and is available in DD cups from 32DD to 40DD. For some odd reason, they also sell a 32DDD, but no other DDD cup sizes.

Are Aerie’s daily bras available in DD+ cup sizes?

Sunnie Full Coverage, Katie, Blakely, and Hannah bras up to a DD cup; the Audrey bra up to a DDD cup

Push-up bras


Aerie has three levels of push-up bras: “Perky“, “Perkier“, and “Whoa!”.

The Sunnie push-up bra

offers the Perkier level of padding, which adds about half a cup size and offers lift for moderate cleavage. The range of sizes is decent, with DD cups up to 38DD. Like the other Sunnie bras, it offers DDD sizes only for 32DDD for some strange reason.

The Brooke push-up bra

also part of the Perkier collection which means you can expect decent cleavage. It’s available in DDD sizes from 32DDD to 36DDD. DD sizes are available in larger bands up to 38DD.

The C cup model’s boobs look HUGE while the DD cup model looks more normal. This makes me wonder if Aerie’s “real cup size” photos are accurate.

The Harper bra

made of memory foam, although my experience makes me think Aerie bras aren’t that high quality and the memory foam wouldn’t work too well. Either way, it is a cute lacy bra, but it’s only available up to a DD cup.

The Emma bra

one of two bras with “Whoa!” level push-up that Aerie claims will add one full cup size. However, it is only available up to a D cup… bad news if you wanted your DDs or DDDs to be a full size bigger.

Ella Gel bra

the other “Whoa!” bra which is made of gel padding that adds a full cup size. Like Emma, Ella Gel comes in very standard sizes from AA to D cup; no gel padding for DD or DDD cup sizes.

The Bridget bra

offers a Perky look with standard light padding. It’s available from 32DD to 38DD and from 32DDD to 36DDD.

Are Aerie push-up bras available in DD+ cup sizes?

Sunnie, Brooke, Harper bras add half a cup size up to DD cup; the Bridget bra adds gentle lift up to a DDD cup

Sports bras


Aerie’s offers three sports and yoga bras: the Chill, the Play, and the Move.

The Chill and The Play

appear to offer very little support. That is supported by the fact that Aerie suggests you can wear them from the gym to Sunday brunch. As a busty girl, I wouldn’t want to wear my sports bra to brunch or anywhere else I want to look great.

The Move

seem to offer a bit more support, although I don’t believe it would offer the “medium to high impact support”. Move bras feature zip fronts, which can be good, but I’m still dubious of the support it offers.

The bigger problem with Aerie sports bras is that they are sized XS-XL, rather than with band and cup sizes like normal bras. Even Victoria’s Secret sports bras come in normal bra sizes like 34DD rather than the generic “small”. I would avoid Aerie sports bras for this reason alone.

Are Aerie sports bras available in DD+ cup sizes? No

Are Aerie bras good for large cup sizes?


The bottom line is that some of the Aerie bras do come in large bra sizes. However, my general advice as a bra fitter is to avoid the mall stores that everyone else shops at.

If you have large breasts, you’ll be best off wearing a bra designed for large breasts rather than a mass-marketed bra.

Stores like Aerie tend to design their bras for the “standard” 34B size and then simply make each subsequent size a bit larger. This means the cups aren’t really designed for bigger boobs, and even their DD and DDD cup sizes won’t fit too well.

If you’re looking good supportive bras, you can read my list of the best bras for DD and DDD cups.


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