Let’s face it: big-chested women have limited fashion choices and the holy grail of restrictions includes the backless dress. Compared to women with large breasts, women of the perky boob kind can effortlessly don backless dresses by simply going braless. Meanwhile, us busty girls assume we will end up looking saggy and wobbly when going out without a bra. Adhesive bras here here to help.

Big Breasts + Adhesive Bra = Dread

But surely there is a solution for us with larger bra sizes? The experts assure us that the solution comes in the form of sticky bras or adhesive bras. Adhesive bras differ from regular strapless bras in that they are lined with adhesives inside the cups. These adhesive cups fasten the skin of the breasts to the bra and they usually do not have a back strap, allowing for backless use.

Bras are generally designed to offer the most support from the back strap, instead of the shoulder straps, thus bringing to question, are those adhesive bras sticky enough for us with larger breasts and can they even support us at all? Let’s investigate a few options…

1. The NuBra Adhesive Bras

The most popular adhesive bra variety is the NuBra Ultralite Backless Wire-Free Bra that can go up to a D cup size. I have heard wonderful reviews about some of these bras. Some reviews are a bit mixed, but I think that’s copletely normal for something as complicated as an adhesive bra.

There is a special Nubra exclusively for DD cups; you can buy it on Bare Necessities. The Nubra consists of two separate cups – their insides are lined with glue – with a front connector or clip in the middle to attach the two cups. It offers a good deal of shaping support, and is easy to apply and put on. Here are a few steps to securing these puppies in place.

Applying the bra

Clear the chest area of any residues, powders, body oils, etc. with soap and water and make sure to dry the area properly. The key is to have a silt-free, dry surface. Do not moisturize or apply any creams to the cleavage area either. This will bring about slippage and struggle later!

Put on the cups individually on each breast, holding the cups by its outer edges initially. When placing the cup over the breast, make sure to leave a one centimeter gap between the cup and the lower end of the breast (so that motion is not afflicted) and then lean forward to scoop the breast into the cup, gently attaching the adhesives to the skin of the breast with your fingertips.

Repeat the process for the other breast, ensuring that both the cups are at the same height. Then, join the connector between the cups which should rest in the middle of your cleavage. For added security, massage the bra with your hands to ensure all the edges are firmly adhering to the skin.

Pros and Cons

The Nubra is great because it works with any backless dress regardless of how low the cut on the back is, while also covering the nipples and about 80% of your breast. Also, it does not have an underwire so it is rather comfortable. My sincere thanks go out to soft and natural silicone-lined cups that can be re-used up to fifty times! That powerful adhesive, believe it or not, is enough to keep the girls in place for the most part, and the little clip in the middle accentuates cleavage. Wow.

The potential problem with the Nubra is that doesn’t have sizes greater than DD, which means you can’t wear it with a DDD cup or above. Oh, and it offers little to no support if you’re planning on running and jumping around on your night out.

2. Fashion Forms Backless Bras

Fashion Forms’ Lace Ultimate Boost Backless Strapless Bra is another bra using the sticky method to provide support. This has an underwire with demi-cups lined with stay-put silicone and can be worn 25 times. This product suffers from a similar problem as the NuBra because it only runs up to a D cup size.

Customer reviews suggest that the bra is of a good quality – offering good support and stickiness for lengthy periods of time. It is also comfortable to wear which is a huge bonuous. Another variety of the Fashion Forms line is the Backless Strapless U Plunge Bra – which also, unfortunately runs only till a D cup size. Like the Lace Ultimate Boost, it has an underwire with good supportive and adhering skills.

Other alternatives are the Second Skin Cups and the Silicone Skin Bra. Both of these do not have a join in the middle, meaning they won’t accentuate your cleavage as much. In addition to this, both only carry cup sizes up to D.

The final flurry in Fashion Forms’ extensive product line is the Body Sculpting Backless Strapless Bra. Lucky for us, Body Sculpting carries cup sizes of B, C, D, DD and DDD. If your cup size is larger than DDD, you’ll likely have trouble with an adhesive bra. It may not be able to provide your breasts with good security, and you’ll be left with a wobbly loose feeling. Not fun!

Body Sculpting by Fashion Forms is the same as the backless strapless bra i.e. with an underwire and the sticky, silicone cups. However, in addition to all that, they have extended adhesive wings on the sides to taper the bra more fully and cover some side-boob. These can be worn up to 25 times as well.

3. Bring It Up Instant Breast Lift

Here is a strapless and backless sticky bra solution for the natural look. This bra doesn’t cover the nipple. depending on the look you’re going for, and the material you’re wearing, it may or may not be what you’re looking for. I personally don’t like my nipples showing because I dread the “warm nipple look”. However, if the top I’m wearing has a thicker material instead of sheer, nipples out is okay with me.

About the Bra

The sizing is unique, since it doesn’t cover the entire breast. This makes things a bit easier. Two sizes are available, A/D and D/Up. This might sound untrustworthy, and I completely understand your hesitancy. But hear me out! The fact that it surrounds the nipple and doesn’t cover the entire breast makes the job for these sticky bits a little easier.

The bra is composed of strips of clear, thin, U-shaped tape. For the A/D size there are eight pieces of tape included, for the D/Up size, there are three pairs of tape pieces (which seemed a little backward to me…). The material used is so sticky you definitely don’t have to worry about anything breaking loose.

The lift support it offers is surprisingly effective, and it’s pretty must undetectable! Awesome! Another great characteristic is that they don’t squish your breast into a shape that is unnatural. Many bras give you rocket boobs, or cone boobs, or the shelf-rack… These give a good roundness, and don’t deform your body’s natural curve.

It’s So Tacky

The only cons I’ve read about this product are hand in hand with one of the pros: It’s so sticky. This is great for security and support. But maybe a little rough when you take it off if you’re not wearing it for long. I imagine that after several hours of wear, it’ll be friendlier in the dismount. Oils and moisture from your skin will loosen up the adhesive a bit.

4. The Kim Kardashian Method

The verdict is that if you don’t belong to the A-D cup range, sticky bras are not the solution for you. Not only because they just don’t have your size, but also because they don’t offer much support. Instead, you can try a different approach to wearing backless outfits employing some of Kim Kardashian’s many bag of tricks to defy gravity and uplift her bustier like nobody’s business.

Kim Kardashian is known to use a combination of boob tape along with nipple covers. That’s how she manages to pop out with radically uplifted and radically huge breasts. Other clever maneuvers include using boob glue. This involves taping your clothing and breasts together, and sewing bra cups inside backless dresses or halter tops. Decent enough solution, I think.

Finding the perfect combination of support, coverage, and security can be tough. Personal preferences with drastically vary person to person. Even more, it will vary from outfit to outfit. What a challenge!

Which strategy do you prefer to boost your cleavage and uplift the girls? Leave a comment below!

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