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Busty women rejoice… there really ARE amazing bras that fit your curves

Hi! I’m Victoria Melo, the founder of The Bustiest. For three years, I worked as a bra fitter and lingerie consultant at a department store while also studying medicine, rising to the head bra fitting expert in my store. Now, I’ve brought my knowledge of bra fitting and the best bras online.

During that time, I’ve met hundreds of women who were wearing the wrong bra size and the wrong bras. Many of these women were (very) busty but were stuck in ill-fitting bras that left them without proper support. I’ve been fortunate to help all of these women look their absolute best by finding amazing bras for their bodies.

Being full on top myself, I understand the struggle of finding the best bras for larger breasts. I spent my younger years shopping at Victoria’s Secret where I was squeezed into the standard size of 36C. I later learned that sizes like 34B and 36C are what most stores shove women into when they don’t stock their REAL size. (Perhaps this has happened to you, too.)

It wasn’t until I went to college that I discovered that my real bra size was actually a 32DDD. The first time I was told my breasts were a DDD cup, I couldn’t believe it. I always knew that I was “full figured” as they say, but even having big boobs and a small waist, I imagined that if DD was huge, DDD was reserved for porn stars.

I wasn’t sure how to take the news… until I tried on my first 32DDD bras. For the first time, I actually felt supported. My breasts were no longer saggy, and the band of my bra actually fit without riding up or feeling loose. For the first time since I developed large breasts, I was wearing bras that actually fit me.

The results were so amazing that an old high school friend I had lunch with asked if I had a boob job. At first, I wasn’t sure why she would ask, until she said that my posture, projection, and overall breast shape were so much better. Wearing the right bra in my real bra size helped me make the most of what I had.

It was a little freaky looking at the bra tag, seeing three “D”s, and thinking “this is my bra”. If you’re reading this, chances are you know the feeling. For years, the media has given us false ideas about what constitutes large breasts. We’re told that a C cup is above average, D cup is big, and DD cup is huge.

The reality is that there is an entire world of bra sizes beyond DD, which is what The Bustiest is here to cover. I review the best bras for DD+ cup sizes only, from 30DD up to 40H and everything in between.

While I don’t mean to exclude women with smaller breasts, I wanted a site where bustier women could get unbiased advice tailored to the specific needs of full figure bra sizes.

It’s OK to have large breasts, and it’s OK to wear a large bra size. Having a DDD or larger cup size doesn’t mean you’re a freak and it doesn’t mean you can’t find beautiful, supportive, well-fitting bras. This site is here to help you find the perfect bras for your true bra size.

Not only have I tried dozens of bras myself in sizes like 32DDD and 32F, but I’ve helped hundreds of women like you find the best bras for their curvy figure, too. Read my bra reviews and you’ll learn which bras and which brands are the best for girls like us.

Thankfully, large cup size bras have come a long way. First of all, there are great bras even if you’re skinny. I’m 130 pounds and never would have believed that there are bras in my band size with even bigger cup sizes. No matter your size or shape, The Bustiest will show you great bras for your curvy figure.

You don’t have to sacrifice beautiful lingerie or feeling sexy in order to get high quality bras that actually fit and support you. From romantic lace bras to cleavage flaunting push-up bras, I’ve dealt with hundreds of different styles in my job as a bra fitter and want to share my knowledge so you can find the perfect bra.

Oh, and I’m also calling out the culture that stopped girls like us from wearing our real bra size for years. From bad bra fitting practices to crazy celebrity bra sizes, my goal is to create a place where you can not only get great advice, but feel comfortable in your own skin the same way I help my clients feel comfortable in the perfect bra. (No, ladies, Kim Kardashian is NOT a D cup, haha!)

So what are you waiting for? Let’s find you the perfect bras! My bra reviews are organized by cup size, because I recommend different bras for each size. Those bra reviews are the best place to start, so check out my favorite DD bras, DDD bras, F bras, G bras, or H bras. From there, you can read reviews of my personal favorite bras, or buy them from my favorite online boutiques.

So what are you waiting for?

Nice to see you again. Would you like to get expert help to create your own Bustiest plan?YES, PLEASE!

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